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--- Quote from: critter - a white non-ndn person on October 02, 2011, 02:16:22 am ---OH.. ok.. hey.. I was thinking you know.. TV Producer.. like on regular TV programming.. :)

--- End quote ---

Not quite.  Here is his listing on the IMDB.  He has only been involved with two projects.

A 22 minute short, Coming up for Air, which aired on Dayton Access and has no DVD distribution due to

--- Quote ---For a short time, a DVD was available for purchase, but unfortunately the distributor went out of business.
--- End quote ---

And a bit part in a very low budget short, Quiet Nights of Blood and Pain, which went straight to video.

critter - a white non-ndn person:
Ah I see. Not surprised, it's his character to over state and pretend to be more than what he is.

edited:  Oh.. and before someone starts throwing out threats and lawsuits.. MY opinions are not
necessarily those of NAFPS and my statement is simply that.. my opinion.. which I am free to make.

Trying to check out if he is still active I found that he has two profiles on Linkedin:
Ray Freeland — producer at singingbearproductions — Dayton, Ohio, USA
Raymond Freeland — jack of all trades at singing bear productions — Dayton, Ohio, USA

Then I found he passed away nearly six years ago:

Both obituaries contain this statement:

--- Quote ---He was also very passionate about his Native American roots and loved participating in Pow-Wow's under his Native American name, "Singing Bear".
--- End quote ---

I now suggest this thread to be archived as "NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN".


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