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Got a request for help on this one that I haven't had any luck at all with so far. According to the request, this person said their legal name was Jeneca Curtis. She claims to be Oglala Lakota, part of the Jumping Bull family. The request alleges problems with funds for a charity helping Katrina survivors. Some accounts says she's actually from Germany. Nothing online that I can find so far. Nothing I've been able to find with any variations on the spelling for the name. Any ideas?

All the Whiteclouds I know are  S.Cheyenne. That's not a Lakota name. There was a fellow running sweat lodges charging 500.00 a sweat, said he was David Whitecloud till some confronted him. His wife admited he was Hispanic, and the guy took off from the area.

Nothing so far, but it would be easy to pull the Jumping Bull name out of a hat, since Roselyn Jumping Bull and iothers have coordinated multi-drives for l. Peltier over many, many years. frederica

I do know of a Jeneka that was involved with Katrina relief. I will tell you more when I return home. That will be next week. But if this is the same person, she is Lakota of the family mentioned.

my name is Jenaka Curtis and I have been a member here for a while now, I just never posted.
Is has come to my attention that I captured the attention of someone and this person is trying to have me listed here as a fraud, a German citizen and someone that took advantage of the Katrina disaster.
I now would like to introduce myself to this board and let the people know who I am and what I am about.
I am lakota, my grandmother was Margaret Jumping Bull , a Ogllala Lakota , my father was John White Cloud, also Ogllala Lakota and my mother was Willa Hacker a Eastern Cherokee.
I was born in Germany due to my father being a military member, and I spend half of my youth there. MY mother married a German citizen and stayed in Germany and my father got a court order that I spend one year with him and one year with my mother until I was 16. I am not a German citizen, never was and never will be. The time I spend here in the US i spend mostly with my grandparents and my grandmother made sure that I was very well instructed in the lakota ways.
I live on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming where I lease 40 acres from the BIA. As a non-Indian I could not do that.
I also maintain a website where I try to sell handmade goods from various Artisans here on the reservation in order to help with the income. I finance this website and I do not make any money on the sale of any of the artisans wares.
I been living here since 1996 and have not left Wyoming since 2000 other then to bring my disabled husband to Salt Lake City to the hospital. So how could I have profited from Katrina?
I do have a daughter that is living in Long Beach Mississippi and she has lost everything during Katrina. This has brought me and my husband on the brink of disaster ourself by sending her every penny we could and could not afford.
It makes me sad to get attacked by someone that does not even know me personally and smeared or at leasrt attempted to smear my good name.
I will gladly answer all and any questions that are send to me privately for I feel my private live should stay private.
Thank you all       


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