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"Documentary" Movie about Cynthia Ann Parker Aired by Privately Owned German Television Station Receives Sharp Criticism

The Native American Association of Germany published a film review that is casting a light on the movie scenes and commentaries that led to sharp criticism and controversial discussions in German forums and internet communities. Here is the link to the film review (in English and German):

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I watched the documentary and have been trying to identify participants hired by the producing company. Some of them are quite – errm: interesting.

One of the persons I am quite certain to have identified is Tina Reinwand, also going by Tina Painthorse or Tina Painthorse Reinwand, a member of the Southern Stars e.V. This is a hobbyist association organising not only ndn reenactors, but also those covering the white part of the frontier. Reinwand goes by the name of Tina Painthorse there. There is no bio for her „as of yet“.

However, their „Indian“ members are quite interesting (and yes, they do call them „Indians“):

One of the other members happens to be a gentleman by the name of Manfred Jobst aka Wacha Nabi. Jobst is a Plastic Shame-on whom we already have a thread on:

At the Southernstars site, Jobst says:
Wacha Nabi (Manfred Jobst) „I am glad to be a member of the Southern Stars union.“
As far as I can tell from Jobst's photo at the Southernstars site, he also appeared in the documentary. 

Southernstars do not seem to have a problem accepting a plastic shame-on as a member. Perhaps they assume this will sort of widen their range of reenactment. And perhaps this is also due to their membership not being able to distinguish between plastic shamans and reenactment - Ms Reinwand's name is to be found here e.g.:

Friday, 19 July 2013 till Saturday, 21 July 2013

In July 2013, when the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers come to Germany for the 1st World Congress on Health, Consciousness and the Healing of the Earth, we will encounter courageous and committed women who, with their wisdom, love of humanity and kindheartedness, can give us a profound impetus for our personal inner growth, for individual physical, spiritual and psychological health as well as the healing essential for the survival of this earth.

The event organisers also established a Facebook group where Reinwand announced her participation:
Tina Painthorse Reinwand nimmt teil.
Translation: Tina Painthorse Reinwand will participate.

We already covered the 13 Grandmothers:

On her facebook site, Reinwand also promotes a video with „Peruvian medicine man Coco“, i.e. Jorge „Coco“ Vizcarra who claims to be Quechua:
Vizcarra made an appearance with well-known figures with ties to the extreme right like Ken Jebsen who is into conspiracy theories and an antisemite. Vizcarra was a member of Karin Tag's Council of World Elders:
One of Reinwand's Facebook connections, a lady by the name of Kathinka Faulkner, posted a comment – Faulkner is also into Omnec Onec, in real life a modest Sheila Gibson (she's lived on Venus for several centuries) and into Arcturian Lightships.

It is also being said that Reinwand claims a Native heritage, although she does not seem to mention which nation. She is one of the Lakota „speakers“ in the docu.

Another Southernstars member appearing in the docu, complete with eagle feather bonnet, is Wambliska Maxwell. Yup, a stereotypical „White Eagle“.

A further hobbyist participating is Roberto Heindl aka Robby Two Hawks who is mentioned here:

Same as Jobst who claims his father was Chickasaw, Heindl also claims an ndn father from the Arapaho nation. Apparently, Heindl never established a contact to his paternal family (from his bio, he simply does not speak enough English). However, he established two shops selling ndn kitsch – the first one (apparently closed down several years ago) with a name taken from the Comanche language, the second one still running with a name taken from Lakota language (Ptan Cante).

Heindl is in no way acultured in any Native nation, he grew up in Germany raised by his mother. Despite of this, he is among the persons being flattered in the hobbyist and powwow dancers' scenes as an „Indian“, as are a few more persons of possible or distant descent.

Heindl uses his descent to make a profit, and as far as I can see from newspaper articles etc online, he does not mind being portrayed as an ndn and never seems to correct this. He is also doing informational lectures at events and in schools to teach the German audience how Indians lived. At some of these events, he also reenacts ceremonies, like e.g. a „smoke ceremony“.

Another participant was „Akita Fast Wolf“ Tammoschat who admitted his participation on his Facebook site. Tammoschat is a member of the hobbyist group „Tatonka e.V.“ which you will find here:

The interesting part is their photo gallery. Many of the photos brought tears to my eyes and I can't even imagine how painful they must be for ndn persons, but all the same, do have a look: 
They're also to be found on Facebook: 

Be warned, there's men sporting enormous beer bellies above their breechcloth, and some of them wear a real low slung belt so that the interested spectator may even see the top of their pubic hair. Very much ndn.... As you also can see in the photos, they do not really take good care of their equipment, there's mould on two of the tipis. You will also probably simply love the events they do on parking lots in industrial parks – authentic ndn life, I'm certain. They also have a totem pole to put in front of their tipis, although it is so painful to look at that the term 'torture stake' should be more appropriate.

They call their group „Indian community of interest“ which of course sounds as if this were a group of ndns organising.

The Tatonka website also links to a - and this happens to be a fake ndn association founded by none other than William Jervis aka Firewalker akaTurtle Winds:
Our thread on Jervis is here:

It is quite revealing that Tatonka members take Jervis sorry imitation serious, and that says enough on their level of knowledge about ndn peoples and cultures. They make a person who can't tell their behind from their elbow look like a rocket scientist.

Another hobbyist participating in the docu meanwhile tries to sell some items used in the docu via e-bay, using the title of the film to promote the auctions:

Children's dress – original props from SAT1 documentary „The white Comanche“
opening bid € 150

War Bonnet, original props from SAT1 documentary „The white Comanche“. Warbonnet of leading actor with intricate beadwork, 4 genuine ermines. The bonnet is made of 35 imitated eagle feathers, of 45 cms lengths each.
Opening bid: € 199

Plains Indian dress, original props from SAT1 documentary „The white Comanche“. Dress worn by leading actress, size 38/40, lengths ca 148 cm, fringed. Deerskin, white.
Opening bid: € 450

The vendor's ebay name is longhairedwolf, his name in real life is Christian Schenk

According to his facebook profile:
Schenk is interested in Native Americans, in Lakota people, and loves to dance on powwows.

Groups listed in his profile under miscellaneous e.g.:
We Walk the Red Road by Doing Our Utmost To Follow the Sacred Teachings of Those Beloved Elders That Made the Red Road Visible By Walking it Before Us!

This is Herr Schenk in Indian garb:

Herr Schenk is also a member of Southern Stars e.V. and was elected for their Vice-President:

The intro reads:
„The Plains Indians“ are a free association of enthusiasts who hold up the customs of Indian dances. A further component of this group is also owning of resplendent garments both original and facsimile. The group can be booked for events.

Another participant I identified from his photos online is Benny Auer.
Up to 2009, Auer used to cooperate with Larry Nichols of Blackwater Muscogee Band, and was a member of Nichols' organisation U.N.A.C.A.E. (United Native American Council Association Europe) – cf:
One purpose of this organisation was to provide information on plastic shamans.
At that time, Auer started a discussion in a German hobbyist forum condemning the sale of ceremonies in Europe.

While in 2009, Auer was chasing plastic shamans to expose them, he is now cooperating, e.g. in the documentary, with Southern Stars who accepted Manfred Jobst aka Wacha Nabi as a member. Auer also was Master of Ceremonies for the 2012 and 2013 powwows of ITF Indian and Trappers Festival taking place annually since 2011 near Munich which Southern Stars organise.
Photo with caption „Master of Ceremonies Benny Auer“:

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The German language hobbyist forums are not exactly head over heels about the docu, albeit their criticism remains with historical and cultural inaccuracies caused by their fellow hobbyists participating. The racist tones of the docu aren't probably worrying people too much. With the exception of one poster who manages to give this an interesting turn:

Sorry... the NA who were not able to watch the film...? (Who also do not want to and won't watch the film)
The Yanks won't have watched the film or the docu. Only in case someone had the German TV station on their list. This means they don't give a flying f*** about the film or the docu. […] How many NA are living in Germany? How many of those will have watched the film? And of those: How many take the slightest interest?
The entire campaign [i.e. writing a review and posting it] means to blow stuff completely out of proportion. That's putting a cat among the pigeons, and the few NA living in Germany who might have watched the film are already done with it. One stupid film of many.
This sounds as if the hobby scene was expected to apologise for the garbage broadcast by private TV and make up for it. Preferably in advance, so that none of the few Natives (who might be slightly interested) will have their toes stepped on.
Then we will move along the batshit trend we got in Germany: Banning the Hunter's Schnitzel, the Choc Marshmallows (their German name used to be „negroe's kiss“), Saint Martin's day, Christmas, nude pictures in exhibitions … somebody could feel bugged. What's funny about it: no one's bugged except for a few German do-gooder. As if people don't have any worries otherwise.

What's interesting for a person to display an „Indian interest“ and is a hobbyist playing ndn is the appalling lack of understanding what racism is. Apparently, the poster also seems to assume that racism will only occur if ndns take exception of it, and if no ndns watch the docu, then WTF.

His further 'arguments' need an explanation: we got several different styles to prepare a Schnitzel, one being Hunters' mode (with mushrooms). Pretty inconspicuous, and nobody will be shocked to find it on a menu assuming the chef is going to serve a chopped-up hunter. There is, however, the „Gypsies' Schnitzel“ (served in a sauce with red peppers) – and apparently some people here have realised that the term 'gypsy' is not welcome to the Roma and Sinti living here and that a name like „Red Pepper Schnitzel“ would be quite accurate and provide correct information on what to expect when you order that in a restaurant.
The interesting part is that of course our extremist right has made fun of ideas to get rid of a discriminating term by suggesting to replace the term by „Roma and Sinti Schnitzel“.
The marshmallows meanwhile have been sold for close to 20 years under the name of „chocolate kisses“ and apparently all persons interested in buying some have managed to adjust. Well, with a few exceptions, maybe, who do not see the n-word as discriminating.

When the poster mentions the 'do-gooders', this is getting ugly. Do-gooder is a 'tame' translation – the original term is „Gutmensch“ [gut = good, Mensch = human], but the notion the term transports is rather the 'bleeding heart liberal'. The term thus is being used almost exclusively by persons of the extreme right.

Only a few persons post on the docu. As several of the participating hobbyists/powwow dancers in the docu belong to the „Southern Stars e.V.“ organising an annual powwow in the vicinity of Munich, one can perhaps assume that those not posting may have their own reason for that.

Of the participating hobbyists/dancers, none have joined any discussion about it. They are most probably waiting for the dust to settle.