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Kathryn Mcooeye in British Columbia
« on: March 20, 2010, 08:34:57 pm »
I received a request for information on her, saying she's nonNative but claims to have been taught by Wallace Black Elk.

Her site. Basically she claims to be trained by just about everybody, but names no one except the late WBE and a Reiki "shaman" in Japan.

I grew up immersed in the rich spirituality of the Gitksan people in Northern British Columbia. At a young age, I was blessed enough to be taken in by two Gitksan elders who helped to raise me through my remaining adolescent years.

....I moved to Aotearoa (New Zealand) to live and work with the Maori people. Initially, I worked as an outdoor Recreational Leadership Instructor, as I continued to live and work amongst the people, they soon hired me to act as a cultural interpreter to assist in mediating meetings between Maori elders and various funding bodies, representing factions of the New Zealand government....

While in Aotearoa (New Zealand) I was identified as "one to whom the spirits congregate". My Maori elders requested that I remain in Aotearoa to be trained as a shaman to work for their people.

Still quite terrified at the prospect of all this business of spirits etc., I respectfully declined and ran back to Canada.

...I soon was in an accident and incurred a very bad spinal cord injury, that left me with only too much time to reflect on my life choices. Ironically, in order to recover from the spinal cord injury, I was required to access and utilize the very shamanic gifts and abilities I had spent years avoiding. This sort of occurrence is very common in the life of a shaman (medicine person), where they experience a life-threatening illness or accident which is designed to awaken and inspire their ancient shamanic memories....

A dear friend of mine offered her home and support during my rehabilitation, so I moved south and took advantage of many healing opportunities there. Here is where I met the people who would become my primary and most influential teachers in shamanism.

Still quite fearful of the responsibility of becoming a shaman, I resisted the encouragement of Indigenous Elders insisting that I study the ancient traditions of indigenous North and South American Shamans ( can we say hard-headed?)

I finally accepted the honour of working with the late Wallace Black Elk, author of "Black Elk- the Sacred Ways of a Lakota." Grandpa was and still is an incredible Heyoka teacher and shaman....

In English I speak of him in the past tense, but in reality, he just dropped his robe (body) and works with me every day as I help clients and students. Even still, he continues to serve All His Relations.

While in California, I also met two of my South American teachers who teach their shamanic traditons of Brazil and Peru in several urban centres in America as well as in the rainforests of Brazil.

These beloved shamans both hold such an incredible capacity for balance in life. They each have a foot in both worlds; one in the spiritual and the other foot in the paradigm of the mundane.

Cloaked in humility, they are masters in disguise and often over-looked even by other shamans.

In the same breath, I must acknowledge my family of the Brazilian Rainforest; my mother and father, my brothers and sisters, comadres and compadres....

My Reiki Sensei, Siuling Bisognio played a huge part in my shamanic training as well. Trained by her sensei who had studied Reiki in Japan for over 15 years, she honored me with Reiki teachings directly from the Japanese sensei. This training was very profound for me and facilitated my ability to channel a significant volume of Chi ( life force) in order to help clients....

In Spirit,
Kathryn (Kat) McCooeye


IOW, everywhere she goes, Native people just loooooove her to death and insist she become a shaman and hand over every secret they have. Basically she's a Lynn Andrews type wannabe, telling tales each less believable than the last.

Supposedly, she's a white girl raised by Gitskan elders.

Supposedly, she worked as a recreation counselor for a Maori community and they immediately wanted her to be their mediator with the NZ govt AND be their shaman. You bet, coaching kid's softball  and so on makes you a trained negotiator and keeper of sacred traditions for a tribe. ::)

Supposedly, she healed herself of spinal cord injuries, using gifts that by her own account she had not even been trained in. (She just wanted to be a Maori healer but ran away from that, recall.) If she could actually heal spinal injuries, every doctor and researcher on the planet would be beating down her door.

Suposedly, she was trained by several conveniently unnamed South American healers.

Supposedly, by WBE also. But he was a ceremony seller who'd take in anyone, so that's not exactly impressive.

And she does names her reiki teacher, Siuling Bisognio. Guess what? She herself was trained by...Lynn Andrews!

My journey with lynn began almost 4 years a go... i was very ill and saw her face in a magazine....i though who is this woman who dares to speak in the name of natives...! i wrote her...and received info...and found out then that she was a writer.... out of pure curiosity i began reading her books,and found out that...i was not native either... ahhhh my god!... the books took me beyond color and race....beyond dogma...or hidden agendas.... and soon i found myself traveling to meet her... i continued has being 4 years now... and my life forever changed!.. not only did i heal the illness that i had on my body...but i healed the hatred ...and the lack of tolerance within me... the sacred teachings of all all ages speak of uniting as one... i am a woman part chinese...part italian...born in venezuela...raised in the states... so why cant i share the beauty...that natives have always cherised as their birth right... Lynns words open up my eyes and i began to feel pure love and respect for the native people who walk before me...who have always honored life...and lived in harmony... this well as the others gave me the gift of opening my arms to the beauty that has always being races...myself the teachings within the books...made me look with in...and start on my journey.. lynn andrews offered me a chance through her words to see this...


Possibly this is one of the supposed "South American shamans", a Venezuelan woman wanting to be NDN whose actually Chinese/Italian.

The other, it seems, is fraud Albert Villoldo.

Services include:
Path Of Destiny Work
Akashic Imprint Extractions
Soul Fragment Retrievals
Intrusive Energy Extractions
Past Life Readings
Karmic Contract Review
Self-care For Healers
Despacho Ceremonies

IOW, knockoffs of EAST Indian Hindu beliefs. The only things NDN on the site are dropping WBE's name and posting some photos of S American art.

The request for information I got claims she does sweatlodges in BC. She seems to be hiding that fact on her website.

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In further conversations with one of Mccooeye's victims, it seems she performs or charges for "removing demonic possession, cleansing auras, medicine wheels, cord cuttings" and so on. She charges $90 an hour, and has an apprentice program to make you a "pipe carrier Lakota trained shamanic practioner" for $900 a month for a year to get her supposed "degree." Lots of pressure and verbal abuse to get you to take part.

She also now claims she is the reincarnation of Wallace Black Elk! Wait, it gets even stranger. Supposedly she was trained by WBE, but WBE himself told her during her training that she in fact had trained him "in a previous life." I think WBE's family will be very interested to hear these claims being used for her to make money. I think we should contact them...