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Got a request about them. Describes himself as a scientist, but apparently is not a very good one. He promotes every Casteneda-wannabe there is, Genaro, Silvio Manuel, and Juanito. In other words, he believes in exploiters who in turn exploited the original Nuage fraud. And he's doing so knowing full well (or he should know) that Castaneda was debunked over thirty years ago and exposed as a fraud.

Antonov seems to peddle mostly his books and videos, no sign of ceremony selling or workshops.

And he seems to peddle a confused mix of many different beliefs online. These are also his sites.

Wikipedia's bio. Even they, not known for their accuracy, describe this as a promo.
"Vladimir Antonov (b. 1946) was born in Russia and holds a Ph.D. in biology. He claims to have developed a new branch of modern science called Methodology of Spiritual Development. He founded the Scientific Spiritual Ecological Center, called Swami."

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Re: Vladimir Antonov and
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Oh yes, sure, just dig a little and there are plenty more of pretenders thriving on Castaneda 's story and role model. There is no way to bring them down if Castaneda's company is still in business and their obvious fraudulence was not investigated and restrained by authorities.