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Concerned Mom:

This vision quest requires payment, it feels creepy.  I dislike this type of pay to pray ceremony.

Suggested donations:
Questers $600
Supporters $300
There is never a charge for Ceremonies. Donations are according to your lifestyle and no one will be turned away for monetary reasons. You may work out a payment plan with Mike Three Bears. The requested donations support the physical requirements of the BearHeart Vision Quest. The donations are used to purchase food since meals are provided, rental of porta-potties, travel expenses for Two Bears, and purchase of firewood.

In the past, this website had a lot of information about the BearHeart Vision Quest. If you are interested in finding out more about it, please contact me and I will provide more, or MUCH more, information. Those that register for the vision quest will be provided detailed information to prepare you for your time on the mountain, which will be memorable and a true blessing. It is impossible for someone who hasn’t gone through the vision quest process to understand how important it is. People might think a quester coming in after being out three nights with no food or water would be tired and dragging, but they invariably are energized and glowing like a Coleman lantern.

It is important that you register for the vision quest as early as possible so that I can plan accordingly. To register, go to the RSVP link listed below. Questers will need to send to me a deposit of $100 (non refundable, but it can be applied to any future BearHeart Vision Quest), a Letter of Intent, and an unopened package of tobacco. The tobacco is very important because with it you are asking me to place you out on your vision quest and, when I accept it, I am agreeing to do so. This then becomes a formal contract between us. Your final payment of the rest of your donation should be completed at least a month before the start of the vision quest. Of course, we usually have some last minute registrations and have always been able to accommodate them.

The domain has been mentioned in the forum four times earlier, in 2005, 2009, 2011, and 2015.

There are also many hits when searching for 'bearheart', a few of them seem relevant.

This is an outfit whose archives go back to 1994:

--- Quote ---Month: May 1994
How GOC Began
Posted on May 19, 1994 by WinterFox

The Gathering of Circles was born out of an idea. An idea shared by three men, Patrick McNulty, Dan Leonard, and Bobby Ashworth, having coffee one day. “Wouldn’t it be nice if people from all the various circles got together for a camp out and we all could just celebrate knowing each other. “Yeah, and we could share our talents and our knowledge and could practice our workshop presentations on each other and wouldn’t that be a great gift.” So that is how the GOC began. We just did it!
--- End quote ---

The three persons mentioned have no hits when searching the NAFPS forum.

Here there are twenty names. Might check to see if any of them have been mentioned in the forum.


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