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In all fairness, I have to comment on the above. This email was translated by me and forwarded to Al. And I *definitely* know the difference between piece and peace so what can I blame my spelling mistake on....? The translation was made in a rush, it was too late in the night. Or maybe dear old Mr. Freud  (oops, nearly messed up again and wrote "Mr. Fraud...." :)  ) would have been able to tell me why I made the peace shield into a piece shield.

Anyway, there are plenty of things to comment on in the email but that spelling mistake is mine and noone else´s. Also, Al didn´t have a clue that it was translated from Swedish so again - noone is to blame but me.

I have had many similar emails since Al left, I´ve forwarded some of them. I know that all of the guys writing to me complaining about what Al said have, in fact, got Al´s emailaddress. So again, this just shows what a bad idea it is to go through middlehands instead of addressing the person it concerns.

But on the good side, I´ve had several offers these last weeks to come and lecture in New Age places all around Sweden. So it seems the "New Age community" over here is dividing into two groups which is *very* positive and an obvious threat to exploiters!

So - apologies for this mess-up!! I´m a foreigner, you know!   ;D ;D


All the Nuagers in Europe who disagree with me seem to be incredibly cowardly. Not one of them has written me personally, or written back after I answered the forwarded emails.

I can only guess they are afraid because they realize deep down just how little they know. And in that they are correct.

I should also point out there are so many wonderful EX Nuagers we met in Europe, people with good hearts and the openmindedness and  courage to admit they were wrong and change for the better.

Both groups give me reason to go back to Europe as often as necessary.

Well, if you can´t beat them, make them disappear.....

I heard yesterday that the rumour is out now that you are, in fact, *not* a real Indian. Which means they don´t have to  bother about what you said.  (SIGH)

I am desperately trying to keep up with what I am doing, since the first version was that I *made* you say whatever you said. So now it seems like I´m picking up non-Natives, making them "play Indian" and say things no "real Ndn" would say! ???  ???     Wish someone could tell me why I am doing all this, because I am sure getting confused here!  :)

For any of the idiots spreading rumors I'm not a "real" Indian...

In addition to people who know me locally in San Antonio and at NAFPS...

They can feel free to contact:
ASU History Dept. with Professors Peter Iverson and Robert Trennert (both big names in Native history)
Angela Cavendar Wilson (Dakota historian)
Myla Vicenti Carpio (Jicarilla Apache historian)
Joyce Kievet (Eastern Band Cherokee historian, and my old boss at H-Amindian)
Other Natives who knew me at ASU like Laurie Arnold (Colville), Rose Soza Warsoldier, and Richie Myers (Lakota, head of the American Indian Graduate Students Association).
At Purdue University, Donna Akers (Choctaw historian) and Donald Parman (another big name in Native history).

And googling any of the names listed above should make the ones make these claims shut up and be pretty embarassed over saying something that foolish. These are some of the biggest names in Native history in the US.

You can pass along this post, or repost it elsewhere if it will stop the rumors.

And once again, I challenge any of the Nuagers in Sweden saying these things about me to say them TO me, instead of being so cowardly as to only say them behind my back.

Well, the reason they do *not* say it straight to you is because they know they´re soooo wrong!

Let´s look at it the other way: this just proves that you made such a big impression in Sweden and got so many people with you, that the exploiters now are getting *really* nervous.  :)



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