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I realize there are some things you don't want known, but if you could give us a general idea of what part of the country or what nation this is happening at, perhaps someone here knows people there who could help.

Channeling is not part of any Native tradition I know of. If a loved one is going to speak to you after they've passed, you don't need anyone's help, esp a Nuage outsider. And in some traditions, one of the dead "speaking through" a living person would be greatly feared or seen as dangerous, a kind of possession.

Channeling is pretty much a Nuage thing, though the Christian Spiritualists used to do it over 50 years ago. Perhaps pointing these things out to people could help. Would be channelers are usually charlatans. They use simple techniques call "cold readings" where they learn to read people's facial expressions and body language.

A lot of the times it's pretty blatant fraud.

And sometimes the would be channeler is fooling themselves.
Maybe the first step would be trying to get others to understand this is an outside alien practice. If this medicine man was going to speak to his wife, he would do it directly, not through a power hungry Nuager.

Even if she doesn't make money off of this now, I suspect she will later on with a book or website.


--- Quote ---And in some traditions, one of the dead "speaking through" a living person would be greatly feared or seen as dangerous, a kind of possession.""
--- End quote ---

Channeling is part of the old Spiritualism movement.  I would consider what they call ? "channeling" to be a form of possession by an outside entity or force. ? The problem is, they don't always know for sure who or what it is going to be coming across so there is allways a danger involved. ? Such as some things may masquerade as others. ? Lower entities can also be drawn to such outlets like moths around a flame and that can be bad news. ? I would not recommend the practice any more than I would a Ouija board.  -Keep in mind much of the old spiritualism movement was also filled with charlatans.  Remember the "ghost trumpets" and the knockings on the walls, the table tipping and ectoplasm?  All parlor tricks.  Even President Lincolns wife had parties! ?  


Definition of CHanneling:
"CHANNELING : The process by which a medium can communicate information from non-physical beings, such as spirits, deities, demons or aliens through entering a state of trance or some other form of altered consciousness.. - Channel Channeler Channeling is the ability to obtain information from personalities who do not live on earth.  

Mediums do this when they use their sensitivity to link into spirit vibrations and, using either clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience, or a combination of all three, bring forward evidence from a spirit communicator which is relevant to the recipient of such a communication.Channeling is also used to describe what is more normally known as trance mediumship.

The state of trance is an altered state of consciousness and can vary from a very slight overshadowing of the medium's mind by a spirit operator, to a very deep level of control wherein the medium's consciousness is suppressed to such a degree that the medium has no memory of any occurrences during the period the control was taking place.""

Dear Al:
I went ahead and removed my post for the time being, I am still having anonymity concerns.  I am going to contact Sky Davis for some feedback on this.  Will keep you updated.  Thank you for this forum because it is important people become aware of this stuff

thank you


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