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To the list,

I just reread my posts and find that there is a breach in etiquette.   My language has been too New York for this list.    I have accused people of "being" when what they have been is doing.  

People are not stupid.    They do stupid things.

People are not gossips.   They gossip.

When I judge an activity and call it a person, I am wrong.  

People consider it the opposite in New York and if you judge the activity you are weak.    They judge the person.   "Your fired!"  

That is not my etiquette and my belief but I do practice it in this situation in order to live.    However I do not have to practice it on a list made up of Indian people.   I apologize.   If I do it again, you may point it out and demand an apology.    It is not my way nor the way I was taught to be.  

Best to you all,

Ray Evans Harrell


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