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Posting this link for the photo. We've seen this before with other spiritual frauds. Self abuse or self destructive behavior, has not been kind to him. He's in his mid 40s and looks far older. He's obviously used himself quite a few of the drugs he's accused of using to control his followers.

Also here.

This site estimates he made $3million from drugs, human trafficking, and ceremony selling.
"Nathan Chasing Horse Net Worth
As of 2023, the former actor and cult leader has an estimated net worth of $3 million. A minority part of his earnings came from his acting career while most of his wealth has been attributed to his illegal works including human trafficking, healing ceremonies, and so-called “workshops on spirituality.”

These are his family and friends and his supporters I wonder who they are?
Nathan Chasing Horse filmed sex assault of child, groomed girls to replace wives: prosecutor
By Allie Griffin
February 8, 2023 11:38pm  Updated

The former child-actor-turned-cult-leader Nathan Chasing Horse allegedly filmed himself sexually assaulting a child and was actively grooming girls to replace his aging wives, a Nevada prosecutor revealed in court Wednesday.

The disturbing allegations against the 46-year-old “Dances With Wolves” actor came to light during a hearing Wednesday at a north Las Vegas courtroom where a judge set his bail at $300,000.

Federal prosecutors charged Chasing Horse with two counts of sexual exploitation of children and one count of possession of child pornography, according to a criminal complaint obtained by 8 News Now.

Chasing Horse, who reportedly led a cult called “The Circle,” wrote detailed journal entries about his progress to groom young girls to become his future wives, according to Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney William Rowels.

“There is evidence that this individual is still in the process of grooming young children to replace the others as they grow up,” Rowles said.

The journals were recovered by investigators after SWAT officers and detectives raided Chasing Horse’s North Vegas home — where he lived with his five wives — on Jan. 31 and took him into custody.

Rowles also said investigators discovered a video that allegedly shows Chasing Horse sexually assaulting a girl between the ages of 11 and 13 while she was unconscious, 8 News Now reported.

“Throughout the video, the victim appears to be unconscious and displays minimal movement,” the federal complaint said. “The male pans the camera toward his face. During this time the face of the adult male is clearly observed and can be identified as Chasing Horse.”

The actor, known for his role in the 1990 Kevin Costner movie, portrayed himself as a “medicine man” who could communicate with spirits in order to attract the trust of Indigenous followers. He then used his influence to sexually and physically assault young girls and women in a history of abuse that dates back to the early 2000s and spans multiple states as well as Canada, investigators said.

Police have identified at least six victims, including one who was 13 when the abuse began, and another who said she was offered to the alleged cult leader as a “gift” when she was 15.

Chasing Horse, who was born on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, faces eight felony charges in Nevada including sex trafficking, sexual assault, child abuse and possession of child pornography.

Rowles requested bail be set a $2 million — stating that Chasing Horse is a flight risk with an extensive network of resources and devout followers. Chasing Horse’s public defender Kristy Holston asked the judge to set bail at $50,000.

Justice of Peace Craig Newman set bail at $300,000, but Chasing Horse would have to pay just 15% or $45,000 to be freed under Nevada law.

The reported cult leader’s family and followers — who filled the courtroom and stood outside the building waving signs that translate to “Justice for Chasing Horse” — cheered at the news he was granted bail.

His victims, including those in the courtroom, however, were disappointed by Newman’s decision.

“What happened this morning was like a slap in the face,” said Rulon Pete, a representative of the victims. “Realistically, if he posts bail, that’s the mystery. What’s going to happen?”

If Chasing Horse makes bail and is released, he will be electronically monitored and must live with a relative. He also cannot have any contract with his alleged victims or minors and is banned from access to alcohol, drugs and firearms, Newman ordered.

It’s unclear when he will appear in federal court on the new federal charges.

He was also charged in British Columbia, Canada, this week for an alleged 2018 sexual assault.

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Chasing Horse charged with federal crimes in sex abuse probe
A former “Dances With Wolves” actor at the center of a sweeping sexual abuse probe in Nevada and Canada was charged Wednesday afternoon with federal crimes
By RIO YAMAT - Associated Press Feb 8, 2023 Updated Feb 12, 2023

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) — A former “Dances With Wolves” actor accused of sexually abusing Indigenous women and girls for decades was charged with federal crimes Wednesday, adding to the growing list of criminal cases against Nathan Chasing Horse since his arrest last week in Nevada.

Chasing Horse, 46, now faces two counts of sexual exploitation of children and one count of possession of child pornography, according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday afternoon in Nevada U.S. District Court. Authorities have said Chasing Horse filmed sexual assaults.

The federal charges came hours after a state judge on Wednesday granted $300,000 bail to Chasing Horse, who has been in Las Vegas police custody since his Jan. 31 arrest near the home he shared with his five wives.

Earlier Wednesday, about two dozen of Chasing Horse's relatives and friends had filed into a North Las Vegas courtroom in a show of support, hoping he would be released on bail. They cheered and celebrated the judge's decision as they left the courthouse, waving signs that translate to “Justice for Chasing Horse.” Now, if he posts bail, he is likely to be taken into federal custody....

[Rest of article just repeats what's in previous ones.]

Trigger warning: sexual assault in detail.
Only being posted so others will be aware of the tactics used by frauds to carry out and get away with rape.

Chasing Horse blamed ‘spirits’ for alleged sex assaults, grand jury transcripts say
by: Vanessa Murphy

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Grand jury transcripts are revealing more about allegations against Nathan Chasing Horse. The “Dances with Wolves” actor was indicted on 19 charges in Clark County. This includes 10 counts of sexual assault against a minor under the age of 16, six counts of sexual assault, along with open and gross lewdness, first-degree kidnapping of a minor, and trafficking in a controlled substance.

Two women testified that Chasing Horse sexually assaulted them using his status as a “Medicine Man” to manipulate them. Chasing Horse groomed the alleged victims as young girls and claimed that spirits told him to commit the alleged crimes, documents said.

One woman, now 25 years old, said that her mother met Chasing Horse after she had a spider bite and sought healing from him. She stated that they stayed connected with Chasing Horse for Native American ceremonial purposes and she described being adopted by Chasing Horse as a granddaughter at 7 years old.

Then at the age 14, she traveled to Las Vegas from California to ask for a ceremony to help heal her mother.

This is when Chasing Horse said that he had to speak privately with the teen, took her to a closet in the dark and sexually assaulted her, according to the woman. Chasing Horse told the woman that healing her mother would cost her her virginity, she said. She recalled crying and claimed that Chasing Horse told her not to tell anyone what happened and then handed her a pill to take. She said that she believes it was a “Plan B” pill.

The woman also stated that Chasing Horse’s wives were present and had to know what happened: “…I had walked out into the living room and they were all sitting there and I remember they were looking at me like they were disgusted with me,” she said.

She also described another incident in which one wife called her into a bedroom to show her a dress, and quickly left to leave the teen alone with Chasing Horse. Another sexual assault occurred, the woman said.

The woman said that Chasing Horse led her to believe that her mother would die if she refused to have sex with him.

The woman also described a multi-state trip at the age of 14 with Chasing Horse and his “helpers,” men who would perform tasks for him like driving. She said Chasing Horse sexually assaulted her every night of the trip. She also testified that Chasing Horse had her get tattoos of a spider and a spirit.

“[He] said that spirit would make me go crazy if I ever try to speak about it,” she testified.

The woman also claimed that Chasing Horse continued to give her birth control pills.

After the woman returned to her mother, she said Chasing Horse continued to text her through an app in which the texts vanish, “Text Now.”

In 2013, when she was 15 years old, she moved back to Las Vegas where she said the sexual assaults continued. She said that Chasing Horse took her to several Las Vegas hotels.

At 16 years old, she said that Chasing Horse asked for her mother’s permission to be with her.

At 18 years old, the woman said moved in with Chasing Horse and his wives and also became considered a wife.

In 2019, after she said was physically abused and witnessed abuse of the other wives, the woman said that she started to question things. She testified that she set up a profile on a dating app, and that one of Chasing Horse’s “bros” saw the profile. This is when Chasing Horse took away all of her electronic devices, she said.

The woman said that Chasing Horse eventually told her to go into a dark room in the house where a man sexually assaulted her. She testified that the individual may have been Chasing Horse but she was not sure. She said that Chasing Horse then took her to hotel rooms where he would tell her to wear a blindfold while she would then be sexually assaulted by unknown men.

Another woman, now 27 years old, testified that her mother had previously had a relationship with Chasing Horse. She said that she first met him when she was 3 or 4 years old, they continued to stay connected for ceremonies and she looked at Chasing Horse as a father.

She testified that she and her mother became members of Chasing Horse’s alleged cult known as “The Circle,” which at one point had an estimated 300 followers.

In August of 2014 when she was 19 years old, the woman testified that Chasing Horse sexually assaulted her in his North Las Vegas home. She said that Chasing Horse said, “that he has to do this because the grandfathers told him.”

Because of her beliefs and what she was taught, she said, “I was upset with the grandfathers that this happened and I didn’t understand why.”

Chasing Horse had told followers during ceremonies “that anyone that left bad things would happen to them. And he would always use an example that this girl who left, her fiance got in a car crash and passed away.” the woman testified.

The woman said that she reported the incident to police, but nothing came of it. Her next contact with police was at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

In addition to the two women, a Las Vegas Metro Police forensic scientist testified that a large quantity of magic mushrooms were found when police executed a search warrant at Chasing Horse’s North Las Vegas home on Jan. 31.

Chasing Horse remains in custody at the Clark County Detention Center in downtown Las Vegas. He has declined all media interviews, according to Las Vegas Metro Police.

Chasing Horse faces federal charges along with warrants in Montana and Canada. He also has previously been banned from several Native American reservations.

Chasing Horse is expected back in court on March 1.

Several of Chasing Horse’s “helpers” were named in the transcripts. None of the helpers or Chasing Horse’s wives are currently facing charges.

One of his victims published a public statement on Facebook. I'll quote only the beginning:

--- Quote ---Ren Leone — September 2, 2022
PSA: IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO ME, MY FAMILY OR LOVED ONES. KNOW THAT IT WAS IN DIRECT RETALIATION TO THIS POST. I am adding this for protection for myself as well as those I love.

*WARNING* this is my true experience. This contains several forms of physical abuse, mental abuse and emotional abuse as well as SA. If you are triggered by these subjects please avoid reading. Read at your own discretion.

My name is Corena Leone formerly Corena Chasing Horse.

My mom raised me with the man you know as Nathan Chasing Horse and his family in his “traditional way of life”. I was raised very close to him and even called him grandpa and he and his wives practically raised me from the age of 6 and up.
--- End quote ---


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