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This group here has what they call a “Near Full Moon” Sweat lodge.  They claim to borrow traditions from a number of tribes.  They also claim to have received teachings from “Huichol, Tarahumara and Mescalero traditions”. They also mention that the lodge is “clothing optional”

Dr. Anthony B. James is the appointed leader of the ceremony. One website claims he was trained in the Buddha Sawan tradition from Thailand.
The Website says

 “Dr. James is a fully adopted Crow tribal Member of the Whistling Water Clan, son of the late medicine man Floyd Realbird. Dr. James is one of four living persons given the Crow Chanupa or pipe ceremony directly by Chief Floyd Realbird. Dr. James was introduced to the Sweat Lodge ceremony by the late elder Sun Bear of the Bear Medicine Tribe, progressed in his education under Charla and Tarwater of Spirit Wind (Cherokee Nation, Ala.), then trained under Crow medicine men and women on Crow Agency, Montana for seven years”

They also say
“Additional training and authorization was received from Acasio Acatecatl Oltehua Spiritual Leader and healer, born in the Nahuatl Nation of Veracruz”

I know there are Nahuatl people in Mexico, but I never heard of this “Nahuatl Nation of Veracruz?  I’ll have to research this some more. 

They are also requesting a 7 dollar donation

“We request a donation towards the regular day fee of $7.00 per person applies for all activities on the premises. This applies whether you sweat or walk in the gardens!”

What rock do these people crawl out from ?

I think their website alone gives clear evidence they should be moved to frauds. Pictures of their ceremonies. And this sentence
"This ceremony will be made clear for beginners and elders alike. All good people are welcome. The Lodge will be co-ed. The Lodge is Sky Clad and or clothing optional. Ask if you don't know what this means. "

Defend the Sacred:
"Sky Clad" is Wiccan (and now eclectic Neopagan and Nuage) jargon for "nude".

I think it came into use from Gardner's lifting of the Sanskrit term "Digambara", and passing off this Hindu idea as ancient English. Or maybe he was trying to say it was Celtic, I'm not sure. Either way, the original idea in India is it's part of a vow of extreme renunciation (choosing to go naked outdoors, all the time, in all weather, letting go of all bonds to the material world, even clothing), not what Gardner presented it as (weekend nudists, or getting naked for a ritual in someone's living room on the full moon). From Wicca -> Neo-Wicca -> Wiccan-influence Neopaganism -> Nuage groups a go-go. From vow of poverty to naked nuagers at pricey weekend retreats.

--- Quote ---The Thai Yoga Center would like to invite you to a community ceremony for cleansing and purification performed in a traditional way. We have established an all nations or one nation lodge to honor the native way for all tribes and nations. A beautiful twelve pole lodge with path to sacred fire is opened to those sincere individuals who wish to share and be blessed in this way. As we are peoples from many and various backgrounds the lodge is set up and run in an eclectic fashion suitable for this purpose. This means elements of tradition are borrowed and incorporated from Ojibway, Lakota, Dakota, Crow, Cherokee and Rainbow traditions as described by Black Elk, Sun Bear, Floyd Realbird, Kathleen O'Sullivan, and Ed McGaa of Mother Earth Spirituality. We also incorporate and honor teachings from our friends and elders of the Huichol, Tarahumara and Mescalero traditions. Prayers will be made, Sacred fire fashioned and water pored in a good way. We may begin and end with the pipe ceremony.
--- End quote ---
[emphasis added]

Yeah, this is a mess.
ETA: I checked out their photos. Whole bunch of nons... and:

Sad to say, I'll bet that's their token NDN. *shakes head in dismay*

Not a lot to debate here. Move them on to frauds. Good work Black Wolf.


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