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Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality

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No the Lakota people wrote it in 1993 so about 20 years ago
we have since wrote other declaration on stopping the fraud who
use our culture

Defend the Sacred:
"At the Lakota Summit V, an international gathering of US and Canadian Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nations, about 500 representatives from 40 different tribes and bands of the Lakota unanimously passed a "Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality." The following declaration was unanimously passed on June 10, 1993."

So many people who claim to have read this declaration have only glanced at it, and they always seem to have skipped over that part completely. Or they find some outcast ceremony-seller who disagrees (because, well, all they have now is their non-Native followers) and they try to claim that person is a representative when they're the complete opposite - someone with no respect or relatives.

Elsewhere, I just cited a Facebook statement by one of the authors of that 1993 Declaration:

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Interesting comment there:

--- Quote ---Phyllis Swift Hawk I am the last author of the Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality that was passed by the Summit back in June of 1993. The other two authors departed to the Spirit World. I'm in the process of reviving the declaration and working with Mrs. Darrell Standing Elk. There are non-natives performing ceremonies in public places and a native medicine man is allowing them to do them in California. We need to work together as their wrongdoings are making our oyate suffer and nature disasters are occurring.
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There are two threads in here with identical titles corresponding to my bolded words above:
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