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Identifying the Predator: Spiritual, Financial, and Sexual Abusers

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Defend the Sacred:

You can also re-post this one wherever you like, as the author gave permission here:

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I'd also like to emphasize that I'd love to see this re-posted anywhere it might do good. I give permission for re-printing it in full. It would be nice if re-posts linked back to this original thread and attributed it to NAFPS and RedRightHand but I'm more interested in getting info out there than getting credit for it.

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Thank you

The OP is really excellent, however there is one aspect of the OP that is not congruent with my experience of researching abusive cults and nuage groups, especially pseudo-tantric groups, and that is the claim that abusers are overwhelmingly male.

In my experience, one of the very disturbing aspects of criminality within such groups is that there is a very high percentage of female abusers, including those who sexually abuse minors.

IME it is usual for there to be a male abuser at the top of the pyramid who has a group of adoring, obedient females, typically young, conventionally attractive females, who serve as window dressing but who also serve as recruiters.

In one pseudo-tantric cult that I have been researching for some time, without a doubt the vast majority of recruiters and abusers are female, even though there is a male at the top dictating things.

If people have not either researched or experienced this directly it can be a difficult thing to accept, to the point that sometimes these women get away with criminal activities that males would not.

So I suppose I would just like to add that, when attempting to identify if a person is a predator or not, do not make the assumption that assumption that such and such a person is not a predator simply because they are a woman, albeit an elderly grandmother or an attractive young woman.  Predators come in all guises.

Wow... thank you, thank you thank you so much for this post - I just went through a pretty harrowing experience a few months back, it was a personal relationship with an individual who practices "native shamanic healing" among other things, an amalgam of new age, astrology, wiccan, and whatever else, seems pretty common these days... came across this site when looking for more info on what, exactly, it is she does... but this post hit the mark and validates everything I just went through... can't thank you enough for this resource - I went into the relationship with an open mind, thinking, "Well, whatever works, if it helps people." But what ended up happening to me was exactly this, I knew it was abusive, but, definitely, spiritual abuse cloaked in the new-age mumbo jumbo... this hit the mark! Thanks again!

Thank you for your courage in posting here liquidpaper

If you feel comfortable in doing so it might be helpful for others if you could describe a little more about what happened to you.

Only if you feel comfortable of course.  I understand that these things can be very painful to talk about.

I know that the mods here hold on to a lot of very sensitive information that is not posted on the boards, so it may also be very helpful if you feel able to identify your abuser to them, if it is something you feel able to do.

It is so important to stop these predators.

Thanks again and have some hugs


love the name by the way :)


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