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A sunshine story


In between all the annoying news about frauds and plastics, I just thought I should share this lovely little story with you

Our organization was today contacted by another foundation in Sweden called "My Big Day". They give help to kids who are very ill and poor to fullfill their dreams during a special day. This charity organization involves lots of celebrities and even one of our Princesses.

They had got a letter from a boy of 12 who suffers from severe leukemia. His one and only dream was to get to know more about Native Americans and to learn about the truth (very sensible boy!) and they had decided to grant his wish.

They will give us 2000 USD to give this kid the day of his life! It´ll be some time in the spring so we have to start brainstorming....most likely we will fly some Native person over here to meet the boy.

This really moved me deeply! Apparantly they found our foundation on the Internet and all I can say is THANK GOD they didn´t pick some of the "Shamanic Indian Groups"! Just imagine if those guys had put this boy through some kind of "Indian healing ceremony."
I shudder to think about it....!!



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