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Hello all,
Just had to join this forum, as I have factual information that I would like to share with this forum.
My name is Red bird and I "am" a full blood Native American and can prove it!  In 2005 I had contact with this so called Cherokee, Muscogee, or whatever, named Tanya Hountingwolf.
She told me and I have kept records and have proof of her B.S.. She told me via e-mail that her mother carried her as a baby into Wounded Knee 1973. It is strange (not really) that her mother entered the United States in 1993 and is an Illegal alien, needing some papers.
The only child in wounded knee was born there and that is Pedro Crowdog, born in Wounded Knee to Leonard and Mary Crowdog, both I know well, including Pedro!
B.S is B.s. is B.S..
Another thing, I it seems to me that there are wannabe's fighting with other wannabe's and bringing real Indians into the mix to try to substantiate their B.S...

I have lived for 55 years in America and have yet to see a drum with a handle on it! Don't people realize that this is the age of the internet? Tanya's Hountingwolfs husband is a priest or preacher, I sure wouldn't care to believe what comes out of their mouth, as he stands behind her!


Hello, thanks for the information on Tanya.

Are you David Baker, an Anishnaabe living in Germany?

If so, could you explain your involvement with Henry Reyna? There is a thread in here on Reyna and his false claims of being Geronimo's great grandson. You can find it using the search button near the top.

Hi, yes I am David Baker, who are you mr. Educatedindian?
I don't believe Henry is Geronimo's great, grandchild. But I met his father and his father is Mexican/Indian. As far as I heard (here again no concrete proof) the Geronimo decendants seem to believe him... I told Henry I cannot support his claim to Geronimo, but he is a Indian by virtue of being half Mexican.
P.S. there are more frauds here in Europe then you can shake a stick at!

Al Carroll, I'm fairly easy to look up. And I don't know of anyone else, outside of some Europeans, who believe his claim to be a Geronimo descendant. Use the search function and look up what we have on him in here. I doubt you'll feel the same about him.

First time I have heard of this person who claims to be related to the Old Man. Perhaps he has used other names as well.  It would be fun to see him come to AZ or New Mexico to make those claims. Just on a off note a drop of blood never made anyone anything, and being Mexican does not make anyone one of the people.


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