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One of the Best Lists I've Ever Seen
« on: July 17, 2006, 08:25:35 pm »
Nice of them to compliment us too.

As pertaining to American Indians, Wannabes are non-Indians who pretend to be, copy, emulate or otherwise “want to be??? Indian or affiliated with indians for a variety of reasons including: profit, promoting their agenda (Political, spiritual, ecological, commercial, etc,) and making up for some shortcoming in their own "spiritual" or "cultural" traditions.

Cultural Appropriation
Cultural appropriation is the theft of rituals, aesthetic standards and behavior from one culture by another, generally by a "modern" culture from a "primitive" culture — often this involves the conversion of religion and spirituality into "meaningless" pop-culture.
Cultural appropriation is the adoption of some specific elements of one culture by a different cultural group. It denotes acculturation, but often connotates a negative view towards acculturation from a minority culture by a dominant culture.It can include the introduction of forms of dress or personal adornment, music and art, religion, language, or behavior. These elements, once removed from their indigenous cultural contexts, may take on meanings that are significantly divergent from, or merely less nuanced than, those they originally held. Or, they may be stripped of meaning altogether.

Websites and articles:
Series of articles by Avis Little Eagle, for Native American TimesNotes from Indian Country “Exposing the fake medicine men and women???

Fakers and phonies and frauds, egad: There ought to be a law by Suzan Harjo

Jumper, Silena. States Endorsing New Tribes is Damaging Our Culture. “News From Indian Country.??? 24 Sept. 1999.

Hipkins, Stephen “Playing Indian and other groups, websites and activities that aren’t quite right.??? Many Rivers. 25 Aug. 2005.
Groups and resource websites that Oppose New Age Fraud and Wannabes

Gohiyuhi=Respect (One of the best sites keeping track of these frauds, also includes many of the tribal declarations against exploiters)

New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans (Very good resource site and forum.)


Line In the Sand: New Age Lists

Our Red Earth (Effective ways on how to deal with New Age Frauds)

Isghooda’s site

Line in the Sand

Spiritual Commodification Plastic Medicine People Circle.htm

Playing Indian

Wannabi Website

Bluecorn comics (a white guy’s site)

Comanche University of the 49, Rick's Indian 101 (Religious "studies"

Plastic Shamans and Astroturf Sun Dances: New Age Commercialization of Native American Spirituality

Plastic Shamans

American Indian Cultural Support

Cornel Pewewardy: Fluff and Feathers

Spiritual Genocide

Stereotype Drumhop

Quohadi’s information on Plastic Shamans

Native American Association of Germany (German group trying to explain the Wannabe phenomenon)

Swedish Group


Playing Indian by Philip Deloria

Custer Died for your Sins by Vine Deloria, Jr.

Anti-Indianism in Modern America: A Voice from Tatekeya’s Earth by Elizabeth Lynn-Cook

The State of Native America: Genocide, Colonization and Resistance edited by MA Jaimes

American Indians: Stereotypes and Realities by Devon Mihesuah

Genocide of the Mind: New Native American Writing ed. MariJo Moore

“Procedures for Establishing that an American Indian Group Exists as an Indian Tribe.??? Code of Federal Regulations. 59 FR 9293, Feb. 25, 1994.

A Broken Flute: The Native Experience in Books for Children. Edited by Doris Seale and Beverly Slapin

Through Indian Eyes: The Native Experience in Books for Childre. Edited by Beverly Slapin and Doris Seale

American Indian Stereotypes in the World of Children., Arlene Hirschfelder, Paulette Fairbanks Molin and Yvonne Wakim.

Keeping Promises: What is Sovereignty and other Questions about Indian Country by Betty Reid and Ben Winton.

Tonto’s Revenge: Reflections on American Indian Culture and Policby Rennard Strickland

Who Owns Native Culture? by Michael F. Brown

The Rights of Indians and Tribes: The Authoritative ACLU guide to Indian and Tribal Right by Stephen Pevar

American Indians: Answers to Today’s Questions by Jack Utter

Contemporary Native American Cultural Issue ed Duane Champagne"

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Re: http://forum.aOne of the Best Lists I've Ever
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Pt 2

some examples, broken down by topic:

Examples of Wannabes (These examples are not definitive nor exhaustive, more pop up everyday.)

Historical Dress Up
Boston Tea party
Anti-Rent War of the 1800’s

Thanksgiving / School Dress Ups

Halloween (Indian Costumes)

European Indian Tribes
Karl May

American Hobbyists (and invented tribes) (Also new ager)
Harley Regan Deer Tribe Metis (also Plastic Shaman, New ager)
The Algonquian Confederacy of the Quinnipiac Tribal Council, Inc.
Improved Order of the Red Men

“Cherokee Tribes???
Over the Hill Cherokee
Southern Cherokee Nation.
Southern Cherokee.

Indian Guides, Y-Indian Princesses, Y-Indian Braves and Y-Indian Maidens

Boy Scouts of America

Order of the Arrow

New Agers/ Plastic Shamans (NOT affiliated with the Native American Church)
Red Elk
“Comanche Witch??? on Witches Voice

Internet Indians, Overnighters, Sell-Outs, Frauds and “Spokesmen???
MSN Indian groups
Chief AJ
Apache Prince
Princess Pale Moon
Indians R Us? Culture and Genocide in Native North America.
Brooke Medicine Eagle
Mary Thunder
Dark Rain Thom
Asa Carter
Terri Jean

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Re: One of the Best Lists I've Ever Seen
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Aawh, thank you Wandering for mentioning us ? :) And for the list as such (thanks Al for posting it here). It just has to go up on our website when I get a minute to spare.



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Re: One of the Best Lists I've Ever Seen
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2007, 12:11:17 am »
States Endorsing New Tribes is Damaging Our Culture:
A Rebuttal

by Tony Mack McClure, Ph.D.

(Editor note: Tony Mack McClure is the author of the highly acclaimed book "Cherokee Proud" and certified member of the Native American Journalists Association and Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers. He is, by choice, a member of the state recognized Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama).

[Al's note: Bluewolf, you are new here. Please don't hijack threads by putting in irrelevant information. This article should have had its own thread instead. Also, please post the links if they're available.]

[BlueWolf's note:  Thanks Al for setting me straight.  I didn't "hijack" the thread intentionally.  I felt the information WAS relevant.]
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Re: One of the Best Lists I've Ever Seen
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Websites and articles:
Series of articles by Avis Little Eagle, for Native American TimesNotes from Indian Country “Exposing the fake medicine men and women???

The introduction to that series of articles has been published in the beginning of these topics:
(Notes from Indian Country - Exposing the fake medicine men and women)
(exposing Fake medicine man)