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Re: Tantra Abuse Forum
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the abuse of tantra as a cache-phrase can barely be second to the sexual abuse at residential schools
of natives all over the world

i recomend this thread forum get started as soon as yesterday tout suit.

i will have an incredible amount to contribute
i couldnt om you so you [maybe] can pm me
as i dont seem 2b able to do pms

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Re: Tantra Abuse Forum
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There are a number of significant problems with regards to the tantra abuse forum.

That is not to say that it will never happen but there are problems that require very serious consideration.

The levels of criminality of some of the groups involved are very high.  It is, to my knowledge, impossible to establish a completely anonymous web forum, (especially as corrupt LEOs are involved on a large scale).  Some of the groups involved are extremely dangerous.  Whoever starts up such a website will inevitably become a person of interest to a number of extremely dangerous, well resourced, well connected criminal networks.

I agree that it is important to warn people about these groups but I think that how it is done and by whom is a delicate subject and one that should be the subject of much careful consideration.

If you have some experiences to share then maybe it is best to share them here on this thread, if you feel comfortable to do so of course.

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Re: Tantra Abuse Forum
« Reply #17 on: May 19, 2011, 01:45:28 am »
I am not particularly technologically savvy, but I came across this link about creating leaks sites (like wikileaks) and thought of sharing it, in case it is in some way relevant to any activists here.

"WikiLeaks has changed the way whistleblowers, document-leak sites and media organizations operate. In its wake, other similar sites where users can anonymously submit documents are cropping up, many with a hyperlocal or topic-specific focus. The Wall Street Journal announced Safehouse last week. Al-Jazeera has the Transparency Unit. Russia has Ruleaks. Tufts University even has JumboLeaks.

Leak sites, it seems, are here to stay. Here’s how to get one started.

This article is part of a wiki anyone can edit. If you're 133t with the leaks, please log in and contribute..."

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Re: Tantra Abuse Forum
« Reply #18 on: March 11, 2013, 06:53:08 pm »
Has anybody some info on a Lama Ole Nydahl? He made it to my radar a few weeks ago. He is a student of a certain Kalu Rinpoche:

I wonder if there is some kind of tradition?

Re: Tantra Abuse Forum
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"Kagyu Ling was founded in 1976 by the late Kalu Rinpoche, in response to a surge of interest in Tibetan Buddhism among western spiritual seekers. Kalu Rinpoche died in 1989. Within the last two years his reincarnation, the present Kalu Rinpoche, has assumed responsibility for the institutions set up by his predecessor. But during Kalu's childhood the situation at Kagyu Ling allegedly deteriorated to the point where it no longer functioned as a Buddhist centre. The young Kalu sacked Lama Tempa and five other resident Bhutanese monks, replacing them with westerners and a "collegiate" system of control and responsibility."
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Re: Tantra Abuse Forum
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Has anybody some info on a Lama Ole Nydahl?

He brought to Scandinavia some Tibetan monks who performed ceremonies. I watched them and listened to his introduction, at the Edvard Munch museum in Oslo, Norway. This must have been in 1972 or 1973. I bought then his and his wife's 1972 Danish-language introduction to Buddhism, a book I found lacking in some respects, with outrageous claims, so I decided their version of Tibetan Buddhism was not for me. Many others thought otherwise.

Ole Nydahl (born March 19, 1941), also known as Lama Ole, is a Danish Lama in the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. Since the early 1970s, Nydahl has toured the world giving lectures and meditation courses. With his wife, Hannah Nydahl (1946-2007), he founded Diamond Way Buddhism, a worldwide Karma Kagyu Buddhist organization of lay practitioners.
Jørn Borup, a professor of religion at Aarhus University, says that […] "[Nydahl] and his Diamond Way Buddhism is in no way representative of Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism or the teachings of the Karma Kagyu lineage."
Martin Baumann, a professor of religion at the University of Lucerne, remarked in a newspaper interview "when I listen to his [Nydahl's] alarmingly superficial formulations in his talks I can understand his critics who say that he is presenting a watered-down 'instant Buddhism', a sort of 'Buddhism lite' for the West."
Nydahl's version of Diamond Way Buddhism features "prevalent militaristic appearances, right-wing political views and fierce anti-Islam rhetoric;" …

Diamond Way Buddhism (Diamond Way Buddhism - Karma Kagyu Lineage) is a lay organization within the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. The first Diamond Way Buddhist centre was founded in 1972 by Hannah and Ole Nydahl. It is led by Ole Nydahl under the spiritual guidance of Trinley Thaye Dorje, one of two claimants to the title of the 17th Karmapa (See Karmapa Controversy). There are approximately 650 Diamond Way Buddhist centres worldwide.

His homepage, go see for yourself: