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Nuage Trickster Sites
« on: August 21, 2009, 04:15:50 pm »
I'm surprised I haven't seen this one before. They're actually in the middle of moving from a soon to be deleted geocities site, so I'll include both the old and new sites.

First the old one.


The following individuals have no knowlege of authentic Native American spiritual practices. Please join with our Native American Brothers and Sisters in BOYCOTTING these unscrupulous frauds:

Chadwick, Dorothy AKA Callingcrow MorningStar, AKA Jeannie Chadwick, AKA Calling Crow Chadwick, AKA Calling Crow Kogvhyaniha, AKA Turtle Woman Morningstar, AKA Evening Rain and Trish Hopkins AKA Dreamwalker, AKA Crys The Tears, AKA buffalowoman aka Evening Rain
web site:

Fire Hair pay to be indian
web site:

EagleFox, Susan Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Avila, Elena aka Woman who glows in the dark Spirit Tarot Julia and Richard Crazy Bear Mason Pamela Eakins Holly Blue Hawkings

Herron Wind, Linda

Ravenwing, Josie

Schneider, Margaret M Inner Shaman: Journey Through Darkness into Light

Stedman, Myrtle New Mexico Artist

Sacred Bear aka Mato Wakan

Mato Wakan aka Sacred Bear


Wind Wolf Woman

McBroom, Dawn Lynn aka Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle aka Dawn Lynn McBroom partner is Sky Bio:

Two Bears Standing, Randy and ShaunaSay Whitefeather Tate, Andover residents, are building the groundwork for the New Red Nation of the Cherokee

(Soon to be updated)

Antonette, Rev. Josiane web site:
ceremonies: Awakening the soul classes $275.00
web site:

Medicine Ego, Brooke -aka Brook Edwards
Tribal enrollment:
Becoming an 'Earth Mage':
Becoming An Earth Mage Fund raising:
Rainbow Raffle - raffelling of an Eagle Wing pouch Raffle
Private telephone consultations:
RESORTS: SUMMER Blacktail Lodge in Montana
WINTER Arizona Crow reservation Gateway at Rowe Retreat Center in of Mass. Alert

Deer tribe Metis Medicine Society

Eaglebear, Morgan Services: Psychic healing, balancing male and female energies, shamanistic drumming, crystal healing,using sacred smoke, Sweat Lodges, vision quests

Earth Circle Association Red Hawk aka Charlie Thom spiritual leader of Karuk Nation photo: prices:

Hannagan, Carol Vision Quest Testimonials: Women's Sacred Circle: Price List: Sedona Hiking Tour: Shamanic Healing - brain cycles: Sacred Jouneys Home

Hyemeyohsts Storm (FOB) Very upset about the Lakota declaration of war is the author of Seven Arrows, Lightningbolt, and Heyoehkah: A Novel. Visit his website at:

Eagle Lodge

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Ghostwolf, Robert aka Robert Franzone

Inner Wisdom

Kokopelli Ranch Sweat Lodge (Co-ed!) Vision quest Hypnotherapy, Facials Massage Rapid Eye Technology Aromatherapy Reiki Personal Coaching Business Consulting

Theisen, Maribeth aka Little Deer



Matchen, Sandra Whispers in the Wind Website

Morgan Eagle Bear Maez Letter from Fort Sill Apache Tribe and Mescalero Apache Tribe

Rainbow Eagle

Rainbow Medicine Lodge (Jan and Peridot) Divination, The Oracles, Vision Quest, the Tarot, Psychic and Intuitive Reads, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Meditation--Private channeled readings are $35.00. You may pay through PayPal.

Shaman Speaks

The Shamanic Fellowship

Silent Eagles Haven web site:



Thunder, Mary Elizabeth photo: Donations for lawnmowers ordains people as light workers

KEN PAGE - multi-dimensional and cellular healing

Thunder Strikes aka Harley SwiftDeer Reagan (Elder's Name of Thunder Strikes) BOOK: Song of the Deer


Troge, Jeanne Marie photo: RavenFire Newsletter photo: workshops

Twyman, James (FOB) The author of "The Secret of the Beloved Disciple" & "Emissary of Light," distributed an e-mail regarding the amazing prophetic splitting of Giant Rock in Joshua Tree, California, considered to be the largest free standing boulder in the world as well as an ancient cite of great honor & pilgrimage.

Walking Stick Foudation (Jewish Exploiters)

White Eagle holistic healing
"Native American" Massage: American Massage
Customized Medicine Bags:
Medicine Card readings:
Vison Quest: Quest

White Wolf aka Robert Smith on-line Medicine classes

Wolf Moondance Learn how to treat a problem with purple!

Good collection of links.

 Poetic Dreaming

New Zeeland Trickster

Havaiian Tricksters

Jester Names

Cultural Survival

Indigenous Critical Theory

Indigenous People's Tactical Media


Sacred Land Links - Activist Organizations

American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation

A Line In The Sand – Native American Cultural Property

Indigenous Women's Organization

Our Red Earth - Activists Page

Hawaii Nation - Indigenous Links

AIM Suggested Reading List

Wall of Shame list of offenders

Don't Pay to Pray

New Age Frauds, Plastic Shamans


Fun little poll of theirs.

Interactive Page – Give us your opinions!

What should NDNZ do about Nuage Tricksters?
 Expose their idiocy and give them lots of awards for it
 Study them from their prison cells
 Prosecute them under their own silly laws
 Demand new laws to stop them
 Non-Violent physical intervention until they stop
 Peaceful protest
 Give them all our casino royalties and thank them for helping to assimilate us into corporate America
 Give up, surrender and become twinkies ourselves
 Encourage them to reach new levels of exploitation so we can write a thesis on it
 Leave me alone, I’m not hurting anyone and I’m too important to work a real job
Free polls from

What makes a person entitled to teach spirituality on line?
 An excellent credit rating
 The ability to fake sincerity
 The strong desire NOT to work for a living
 Not having been convicted for fraud more than 5 times

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Re: Nuage Trickster Sites
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2009, 04:20:11 pm »
And the new site. Reposting only what wasn't at the old site, a pretty good essay.

There's also some good articles on Ghosthorse and Brooke Edwards I'll repost in the threads on them.

ETA: The article on Ghosthorse is already in Archives.



A trickster is a supernatural being and a hero who, through his cunning, often brings some form of good to his people; sometimes the trickster is a creator god. At the same time, he often appears as though he cannot tell the difference between good and evil. The trickster stands for the forces of mischief and destruction, but he can also represent less harmful horseplay, crafty trickery, or even bungling behaviour. In his more sinister form, he enjoys bringing chaos and disorder to the world. Tricksters in Native American myth include Great Hare or Rabbit, Raccoon, or other animals among the Woodland peoples of the Northeast and Southeast; coyote in the Southwest, West and Plains; and the raven, blue jay, or mink among the Northwest Coast peoples.

The trickster in our modern world most commonly takes the shape of the nuage religious fraud. Nuage tricksters can shape shift into some very appealing forms. They don’t seem bad. They don’t look bad. But they are all about destruction. They’re interested in exploiting people for power money and even sex.

In most indigenous traditions, the trickster reveals his tricks in the end of the story and a moral lesson is learned. This is not the case for the nuage trickster. They will do everything in their power to keep from revealing their tricks. They don't trick to teach a lesson. The nuage trickster tricks because he is all about power and control. It is precisely because he never reveals his trickery, that the nuage trickster is a hard one to walk away from.

How to Recognize Nuage Tricksters:
How to Make Them Reveal Their Tricks

This is written for all those non-NDN sincere seekers who think that they can find anything spiritual on the internet.

The best way to find a fraud online is simply to type “sweat lodge”, “vision quest” or “shaman” into the Google search engine. Without fail, every hit that comes up is put up by an individual who is engaged in some type of fraudulent activity. Every single one is the leftist equivalent of Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts or any other tele-evangelist currently under investigation. There isn’t any significance difference. You are a fool if you think there is.

Legitimate Native American spiritual leaders DO NOT advertise on the internet. They DO NOT charge for ceremonies, and they are not at all interested in spreading the word or increasing the flock. Stop and think about it for a minute, this is a profoundly EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN activity. If you are truly seeking and ALTERNATIVE to Christianity, then why accept it in the exact same FORM as Christianity – proselytizing evangelizing and spreading the word through books? If you really desire an alternative, they why do you insist that everything be given to you in the same FORM as the religion that didn’t meet your spiritual needs in the first place? It is an unfortunate fact of human nature that most people are quickest to trust "one of their own." Consequently, there are thousands of “White shamans” out there who cunningly project a stereotypical image that is comforting to white seekers. All these nuage tricksters do is to reinforce racist stereotypes about native people – that we are all deeply spiritual and only interested in “sharing” ceremonies with whites that will undo the environmental destruction they have done to the planet in order to maintain their privileged lifestyles. We are NOT your spiritual servants. We DO NOT exist to meet your spiritual needs. We don’t talk about our spirituality anymore than we discuss our private sex lives. Our spirituality is a private matter. It’s a cultural thing.

For those of you determined to find that one legitimate teacher out there who can see how sincere you are in your spiritual quest. Get over yourself. To the indigenous mine, this is extreme selfishness and an evil state of being. Such selfishness is considered the main barrier to a true spiritual journey among legitimate indigenous spiritual leaders. You need to come to grips with the fact that you probably weren’t meant to be a spiritual leader in a culture that you weren’t raised in and that you know absolutely nothing about. Needing to be an expert on everything is part of your indoctrination into Colonialism and White supremacy. Nuage tricksters depend on this selfishness. Reading all those books about do-it-yourself ceremonies is like watching FOX news; the more you watch the less you actually know about the issues and the more vulnerable you are to those who want to trick you. (Google it, they’ve done actual studies on this) Trickster will always try to make you think you are the exception to the rule and that there is one legitimate teacher out there if you can only find that teacher by virtue of your exceptional sincerity. This is considered selfishness and a big vice in the indigenous worldviews.

Trickster will always try to trap you with the false promise of quick fixes and easy feel-good answers. Legitimate Native spiritual leaders are 100% committed to meeting the needs of their legitimate indigenous communities. Why would they abandon their own communities to meet the needs of the colonizers who are still bent on the total destruction of their way of life? Why would they choose their oppressors needs over the needs of their own people? They don’t have time to waste on outsiders who don’t know who they are. They don’t have energy to waste on outsiders who are so frightened and confused about their identities as white people that they are desperate to find a crutch – a false belief system that will ease their guilt if only for a little while. Without exception, there are NO LEGITIMATE SPIRITUAL LEADERS of any indigenous nation selling or advertising ceremony, sacred herbs or sacred artifacts to outsiders. This is what religious frauds do. Legitimate spiritual elders DO NOT go on world tours, solicit donations, offer workshops, issue certificates, form non-profits to proselytize or engage in anything as ridiculous as “Shamanic counseling.” Tricksters are good at shape shifting into a form that is familiar to his victims. What is more familiar to your corrupt society than the missionary?

If you have already been tricked by these people in the past, then YOU have a lot to account for. You have a lot of self-reflection to do. You have a lot of work to do on yourself, before you will ever be ready to deal with things that are truly spiritual. You need to confront your colonial indoctrination, your whiteness, your skin privilege, and your sense of entitlement. You need to discover what is lacking in you that you can be tricked. There is a list of websites and videos that can help you in our links section, but it will not be fun and you will not be made to feel wonderful and special. That’s what religious hucksters do. If you are truly ready to begin any sort of spiritual journey, you must be ready to confront your shadow. You must be committed to deal with the revelation that your “born-again” neopagan experiences with some nuage trickster was more about your denial, your need to escape your white identity, your weariness with a alienating Capitalist society, your longing for community and your emotional vulnerability than with anything truly spiritual or indigenous. Your foolishness, your irrationality and your gullibility is your shadow. The trickster is always looking for ways he can benefit by manipulating that shadow. The trickster preys on guilty confused people who don’t know who they really are, but he is powerless against people who have to courage to acknowledge and confront their shadows. When you know your shadow, (your Colonialism) you can’t be tricked.

If you still continue to support and defend these religious hucksters then you are complicit in the spiritual genocide of the indigenous nations on this planet. You cannot escape the responsibility of this or the guilt of this. You can only find a more clever and more manipulative spiritual huckster to delay this painful self discovery. Spiritual growth isn’t about rainbows and crystals; it is about being painfully and intensely honest with yourself. It’s about knowing who you really are – not false piety, not an inflated ego or a need to go around telling people you’re a shaman or that you’ve studied with a shaman. This is disgraceful selfishness to the indigenous mine. This is a foreign state of being to a white person, but it doesn’t cost a penny and you don’t need a guru to get to a new level of honesty. All you need is a commitment to STOP lying to yourself. STOP the denial. Stop the flight into fantasy and live in the moment in the real world. We’ve met dam few non-NDNS who are willing to get that honest.

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Re: Nuage Trickster Sites
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2009, 08:55:58 am »
Hmm, I thought that this part of the forum was for non-frauds!
blessings of will and love,


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Re: Nuage Trickster Sites
« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2016, 05:00:51 pm »
Hmm, I thought that this part of the forum was for non-frauds!

I certainly agree to that. Shouldn't this thread be moved, please?

Important lists since the original, quoted sites are long since gone from the Internet.

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Re: Nuage Trickster Sites
« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2019, 06:42:17 pm »
I'm surprised I haven't seen this one before. They're actually in the middle of moving from a soon to be deleted geocities site, so I'll include both the old and new sites.

First the old one.

And the new site. Reposting only what wasn't at the old site, a pretty good essay.

Unfortunately, both sites have gone down the drain by now. I tried to find if it had been moved, and found only one site where some of the stuff quoted by educatedindian is also quoted, with this addition:

Legitimate Spiritual Leaders speak their language, and perform their ceremonies in their language. They teach in their language, pray in their language, and sing in their language. They speak the language of the indigenous community that they serve, and they do not perform their ceremonies in the language of the colonizer, whether it be English, Spanish, or French. The only time they use English is to interpret for members of their community who no longer speak their original language.