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Standing Rock Banishes Lakota Language Consortium



“No matter how it was collected, where it was collected, when it was collected, our language belongs to us," said Ray Taken Alive, a Lakota teacher. . ."

Defend the Sacred:
NAFPS members have seen some of the "Lakota" Language Consortium people before, in this thread: "If Only I Were an Indian".

The NBC article tells what happened with one of the pretendians from that documentary. He and another Euro went on to alter and try to own the Lakota language, and sell it back to the Lakota. They are also turning quite a profit privatizing and selling the language materials of not only the Lakota, but other communities as well.

Lakota elders helped a white man preserve their language. Then he tried to sell it back to them.

"Ullrich, who is now the head linguist at the Lakota Language Consortium...

"Ullrich grew up in the Czech Republic, and in the 1980s he joined a group of white hobbyists who appropriated Indigenous culture by dressing up as Native Americans, living in tipis and smoking peace pipes, which was captured in a 1995 documentary."

The video, linked in the above article, is also on vimeo, under the title, "Becoming a Native American in the Czech Republic":


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