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American Indian Models School, Oakland, California


Stealing schools next, this is in downtown Oakland, California....they just added two more schools and there aren't any Native Americans there, using Native Americans because these schools would never be supported by the Oakland Unified School District, instead, they learned from the tribal corruption, just subcontract millions out of those Federal Grants
AIMS K-12 College Prep Charter District

171 12th St, Oakland, CA 94607
T: 510-893-8701 | F: 510-893-0345

Oakland Chinatown

AIMS College Prep
Elementary School
171 12th St, Oakland, CA 94607
T: 510-893-8701 | F: 510-893-0345

Oakland Chinatown
AIMS College Prep Middle School171 12th St, Oakland, CA 94607middleschool@aimsk12.orgT: 510-893-8701 | F: 510-893-0345

Grand Lake High School expect to pay big $$$$
AIMS College Prep High School746 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610highschool@aimsk12.orgT: 510-220-5044 | F: 510-519-5549

I don't think it gets funding for Native students hardly at all. It's mostly Asian students. The bigger problems are its superintendant is super racist, teaches self hatred, and is corrupt.

Chavis indicted for money laundering, mail fraud
March 30, 2017 robesonian News, Top Stories 16

LUMBERTON — Benford “Ben” Chavis, the educator who caused a stir in January when he claimed to have led an effort that resulted in the firing of the superintendent of the local school system, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on six counts of money laundering and mail fraud related to his work with American Indian Charter Schools in Oakland, Calif.

Chavis is charged with three counts of money laundering and three counts of mail fraud, and, according to the court documents, benefited to the tune of more than $1.1 million.

According to the documents, while in control of three charter schools, Chavis used federal grant money to lease properties to house the schools. These properties were owned or leased by companies he controlled, which is an illegal conflict of interest, according to the indictment. When Chavis’ companies leased properties to the schools, he charged a substantially higher rent — as much as $15,000 a month on one property. On grant applications, Chavis allegedly withheld that he had any stake in the companies, which would be a crime.

The grant applications and leasing documents were signed by Chavis. In one case a lease specifies “all correspondence and business activities shall take place with the lessor and Dr. Ben Chavis exclusively.” Sending these documents, which the Department of Justice believes Chavis knew to be illegal, constitutes the mail fraud charges.

The indictment states that Chavis gained $1,137,220 by illegal means; if he is convicted, he would have to repay the money and relinquish any property purchased using the money. Federal money laundering charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and up to a $500,000 fine. Mail fraud is a felony with a maximum term of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The indictments and an arrest warrant were filed March 21 in Oakland, but were kept under seal until after 5 p.m. today for fear that “disclosure … may cause the subject of the indictment to flee, destroy evidence or conceal ongoing criminal activity,” court documents state.

The three schools Chavis’ charges relate to are the American Indian Public Charter School, the American Indian Public High School, and the American Indian Public Charter School II, all in the Oakland, Calif area....

Ben Chavis, who ran the American Indian Model Schools, will spend one year on probation and pay a $100 fine in a plea deal with federal investigators, according to court documents.

Chavis had faced the prospect of decades in prison in connection with six felony charges of mail fraud and money laundering filed in 2017 following an IRS and FBI investigation into his financial dealings related to the schools.

Those charges were dropped and Chavis pleaded guilty to one count of submitting false information on federal documents.

“Dr. Chavis’ conduct, while a violation of federal law, did not cause measurable financial losses to the United States or another identifiable victim,” according to the federal sentencing memo. “His agreement to use false information in Board documents was deceptive and likely did lasting harm to the reputation of the American Indian Model Schools, but the government submits that, under the circumstances, it is not conduct meriting a term of imprisonment.”...

As reported by the LA Times in 2009, Chavis tended to call all non-Caucasian students, including African Americans, "darkies."[18] Chavis earlier told the East Bay Express, "I use 'darkie' every day, I use it in the context that I'm Indian and I'm black. I'm a darkie."[19] "I tell the students, if you don't do your work, people are going to call you a lazy Mexican. You're black, they expect you to be an idiot," said Chavis in 2005, who is a blue-eyed Lumbee of mixed-race ancestry, including European American. "I use it to motivate the kids."[36]

Chavis was reported as allegedly having pushed a teacher down a flight of stairs while calling her a "fucking bitch", "stupid bitch", as she tried to retrieve her violin after he fired her; allegedly called his own niece a "slut" and a "lying bitch", and threatened to kill her; and allegedly asked one of the AIPCS female students if a male student "was still trying to suck your titties", which he denied.[19]

In 2007 Chavis allegedly called a Mills College graduate student "a fucking black minority punk" after he showed up fifteen minutes late to a group visit at the school, saying that the student was a "worthless piece of (expletive) people have been making excuses for".[37] Chavis said that he called the grad student a "dumbass minority," and said "he was an embarrassment to his race."[19] He saw no reason to hold his guests to a different standard than AIPCS students, who receive an hour detention if they arrive one second late to school. "He came late. White people are on time. What does he think, there's black time? Mexican time? Indian time? The clock is white."[19]

The evening of the incident with the Mills College team, Chavis told the AIPCS board his intention to step down from his position.[38]

Admissions controversies

....In 2006, an African-American parent filed a complaint stating that AIPCS told her there was no room for her son and refused to place him on the school's waiting list, even while it was accepting applications from white students. Chavis allegedly told a Caucasian parent that her son would be placed at the top of the school's waiting list because there were too many "darkies" and Asians enrolled in the school.

they just increased the size of the RiPP OFF school
American Indian Models School aka AIMSPrep....they are selling the Lake Shore High School as a private school to high class wasicu, ASIANS and BLACK folks... this is down the street from me and when Lakeshore High School shutdown no one made a fuss...and ever since then I prayed for the Grandfathers to give the Hunkpapa this school

The school started in good intentions and ended up swallowed by corruption and is continuing the corruption because Oakland Unified School District is pulling a tribal government Buckskin Republic move, and are subcontracting services and teachers to the Charter SChools, they also lease the abandoned schools that were closed...and use the American Indians to the fullest ripping off.....hahahahahaha where are all the BIG MOUTHS especially those in Native American Education...this is ripping the Native American school potential....
I told them I was going to bring 500 NAtive American Students and they hated me

I went with my sign, What American Indians? and got marched off the property by BLACK FOLKS trying to say that AMERICAN INDIAN means nothing....hahahahahahahaha


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