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Don Genaro/Castaneda
« on: October 13, 2005, 04:46:40 pm »
Note: The post below is Francecesca reposting a message she found, not Francesca herself speaking.

Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 00:56:56 -0000
Subject: [nafps_again] Hmmmmmmmmmmm

"i am the toltec stalker nagual.i am sending this message to 100's of shamanic groups all over the world in an effort to organize our energies in a fraternity order to establish private and restricted
shamanic centers all over the world and provide the means for the meeting,teaching, and training of warriors without any fees or monetary requirements whatsoever. the warriors of the same
center will pay from their own pockets the rent of the center and the cost of running it , and every new member will participate and share in the cost.i have access to many naguals and indian shamans and warriors of great knowledge who are experts in many fields of knowledge such as tensegrity, dreaming ,and recapitulation techniques. more expert warriors will be joining soon as well to offer their free services. those naguals and shamans and expert warriors will provide the necessary training in the established centers and the necessary teachings and advice on the internet after each group of warriors select 2 or more of their most experienced members to represent them in the don jenaro group at as messangers to their groups when they join in that group if they like to do so. the genaro group will act as a central group for decision making and submitting
information about teachings , seminar dates , and annual gathering of warriors from all over the world , and the selected warriors will deliver these messages to their groups and keep them informed with the latest developments .the selected warriors will run the genaro group along with the naguals and shamans and expert warriors and
whoever wishes to join the group because it is an open group for all warriors.
if any of you have access to any naguals ,shamans, or expert warriors , ask them to join the genaro group if they will be ready to offer assistance without expecting any rewards in return. it will be
a joint effort that will eventually link us together for the benifit of all. consider this task most seriously and deal with it in the utmost impeccability and humbleness to achieve the intent that was
destined by infinity itself when it provided the
party of don juan with the wrong nagual and broke the old chain of warriorship and enlarged the scope to encompass the whole human race.this is our cubic centimeter of chance that we must grab in
order to attain our gift of eternal freedom.if you are members in restricted membership groups (and i know that many of you are members of 2 or more group ) convey this message to your peers because i can't get to these groups with the easiness of the open membership group. it takes much of my time and that i don't have.don't send me personal messages on this e.mail because i can't answer them because i have a difficult task of contacting 100's of groups and answering all the questions in my group.
so submit your messages to the genaro group. now if many members in your group object to the idea of joining in this task , form a separate group and enlist the willing members and choose your
representatives without leaving your origional group because many warriors like to be solitary beings and the path of knowledge is not
a forced one."