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Sami Exploiters
« on: October 13, 2005, 04:00:02 pm »
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Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 20:52:08 -0000
Subject: [nafps_again] Re: Samii Spiritual Exploiters

And the Samii > > people here are also sick and tired of the strange mix of > ingediences > > here: NA culture ( or rather SOME parts of SOME of the beliefs in > > SOME of the NA tribes ) + new age + Siberian-Alaskan-Greenland > > worldviews + Asian-Indian beliefs + Chinese Horoscopes + Samii
> > beliefs + Christinaity ( yes, we have new agers offering Christ-> > healing here...what IS that??! ) and why not a little bit of Norse > > Gods?Sagas....and out comes a wonderful stew called Shamanism.
> >
> Could you give us some examples of these abusers? I realize most of > the sites will not be in English.> And any examples or articles you could find on Samii response to > these exploiters too, if you could.

The Samii exploiters are not out in the open here - there are no organized groups, no websites, no courses, they are far too scared to do something like that. If they did, the Samii council would protest immediately and they would be prosecuted.

My Samii friends meet them when they go to informal meetings, parties, gatherings. ( Last month one of my friends went to a cultural gathering where some Swedish women had dressed up in a Samii regalia for MEN....! ) But the Samiis don´t tolerate ANYTHING like that - if someone wears their outfit, even parts of it, without being Samiis or use their flag or they special drums or do ANY kind of Samii ceremony, you can be sure they will get together and hunt these people down! And if people pretended to be Samii to "sell" themselves - like musicians and performers or even craft makers -  they would get sued ( unless some Samii guy has strangled them
first! ) The only thing they permit you to wear is the special bracelets and necklaces they make and sell.

So....the Samiis are just as upset as you guys are, the difference is they have the Swedish Government behind them on this issue! Reading
about the things that happen you over there, like the racial comments on radio....oh My God, if that had been in Sweden, that guy would have been taken off the air IMMEDIATELY and probably been on his way to court by now.....!

But your question made me curious....I´ll ask my Samii friends if there have been any articles on this topic, I´ll get back to you about that!

And...thinking about is kind of strange that groups like Rainbow Dragon ( Harley´s gang ) has a big center here in Sweden, considering how strict we are when it comes to racism. Guess it is because there are no NDN:s here to protest against it...??!

( Hmm....maybe that could be changed....hmmmm.....)