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Italian Rainbow Family
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Subject: [nafps] Re: For all group: very offensive web site

Here's the very bad google translation, with arrows by my comments:


temporary independent zones

>>>That's an idea that I've seen in some pseudo-anarchist circles by people who are basically hedonists and want some kind of pseudo-
political trappings and justification to get laid or get high without feeling guilty.

It stretches and tepeeTo every Marradi year a great gathering keeps itself: u n Rainbow
Gathering We have gone also not i, and here ve we tell it...

Home ] [ happy Mythologies ] [ the fanzine ] [ Segments of psichedeliche vitamins ] [ One raft of liberta' ] [ Internet cafe' ]

>>>Psychedelic vitamins? Just say drugs, no need to lie.

What is the Rainbow Gatherings?
(Gatherings Rainbow)
Draft of gatherings, more or less large, than several tribes, single groups or that are found again of year in year, or also of month in
month, several parts of the world. One juvenile series of places and appointments dell?underground, but with presence of several humanities: community hippies with tepee and
Indian encampment, young people with tamburi and gong with stretches and fiorati sleeping bag, children with necklaces, ciondoli and dresses, and then simple families with children to the continuation for a week end to the search - all - of a new sense of the human relations.
Every year c?è a world-wide appointment (two years ago was kept in Portugal, quest?anno in Russia, for the end of 1999 in Australia).
For who it cannot follow the international appointments are gatherings in several zones that are repeated to distances of a month
l?uno dall?altro and in various places.

Close to several Marradi from years in summer, to first of August, the more important gathering puts into effect itself d?Italia. The place d?incontro is in means to the hills (Pian Baruccioli) where a
time (20-25 years ago) had camped a common agricultural hippy said "Zappatori without landladies": the house in which they lived is
still lì, even if much diroccata. (from a received email 27/12/2001 from Ezio we learn that still today a surplus of the zappatori without landladies lives, or better us lives one of the founders of the community, therefore is not 20 years ago that they existed, but exists tutt' hour)
Every day they are intercrossed from the 300 to the 1000 persons, coming from from every part of the world. Draft of a great free camping without some organization: when it is arrived dall?alto of the hill seems to see an encampment scene
cheyenne, as in the film "Bale with the lupi". L?acqua c?è, capacity from the below stream, with tubes and pumps.

The life slides calm with some moments the rituali, like the lunch, dances around the fire, practices yoga or similar, tamburi in circle, all the night (is slept accompanies the continuous one to you to
tambureggiare). The dogs circulate liberations, although in the insert dell?organizzazione it declares that they do not have to enter
for hygienic reasons and of emergency. Some rules are enunciated through little inserts,
"In this place commerce of no type is not admitted .

The moneies go puttinges in the magical hat for the needs of all.The applied proceeds swap is admitted.


>>>But "psychedelic vitamins" are OK? The no drugs part is just what you're saying to the cops, apparently.

Capacities feed natural, stretch, blankets, candles, ciotole. Not cut to the trees greens, only used the W.C. Used the common fire.
Some of these councils then are puttinges in practical from all. But the tolerance is almost total. There were persons who photographed or
resumed with television camera, the plastic sure was not abolished, (went literally to steals the full plastic bottles provided that d?acqua). We have seen some spinel, someone that caghicchiava to the edges of the field under a tree, but never some scene of violence, or some troublesome drunk, neither some sfatta person. To noon, those
that wanted it, are assemble you to the center of the spiazzo main and here they have begun the rituali of thanks: then a meal has been distributed to all, (offered free, everyone second gives that that can). Therefore sounds and dances in circle. The people rainbow do not have heads, the decisions come taken with the council and in the
general consent, and they are only based "on the respect that we try the uni for the others and for the" Circle "(the" Circle "is the sacred symbol of the life)"

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> My opinion is that this web page is very offensive of your culture...
> The url is ,> it is in italian language but you can use the altavista translate or > another site with the translate service...> The photo displayed nude people near some tepee...
> Every comment is useless...  
> Sigh...
> Alessandro