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Subject: [nafps] Re: To the group - What do you think of this?
Patricia Taylor ("Pah'ri'sha" as she calls herself, among other things) was one of the major featurees on the Wanabi Tribe Home Page.  I have a great collection of clippings from Ohio newspapers about her.

She was responsible for the death of one of her "followers" in a bizarre newager ceremony that took place in either Virginia or North Carolina about 5 years ago (they buried this woman with a straw to breathe through...supposed to be some kind of "Cherokee" ceremony), but was never prosecuted.


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> I couldn't find that particular page, but the whole site is pushing > PaHaRiSi's teachings. She specializes in preying upon blacks with NDN
> ancestry and was recently sentenced for fraud in a phony enrollment > scam where she laid claim to all the land of the old Louisiana > Territory.
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> > I'm curious to know your opinions of this:
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