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Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 14:48:05 -0000
Subject: [nafps] Re: Seven Fires, not Seventh Fires & Allen Heart

I called the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council office and they stated that they have no affiliation with Matter of fact they mentioned thier lack of affiliation with the Rosebud Advocacy Group
and the web of life enterprises.

I was told that because of the growth of the internet, all these groups keep popping up that claim to help the people, only to do nothing..

So thats enuf for me on whats up with this...  Its good that this woman is stating that the language should be preserved, what is she doing to help preserve it?

--- In, "educatedindian" <bigi__@y...> wrote:
> Did you mean This is a twink page run by a white > pagan/Nuage guy, Allen Heart, who claims he had a vision while
sick > that he was an Anishinaabe prophet and sells dreamcatchers with > pentagrams in them. He got laughed out of NA Chat and some other
> clubs and sent some lurkers in here awhile back. On the plus side, > the sign appears to be down, but he has a new one
> I tried and got nothing. As far as I know, the seventh > fire prophecy is Anishinaabe, not Lakota. I have seen it mixed up in > bizarre ways with Lakota white buffalo teachings, like at the bottom > of this site.
> OK, change that. Found the site at using google, that was > my typo that sent me looking for the wrong address. Much of the
site > seems to be under contruction, but what's up seems to be language > support. I don't see any obvious signs of fraud. They admit the
> Seventh Fires comes from the Nish. Their director is Tammy Van, and > everything I turned up on her looks very positive, mostly her > interviews with reporters talking about the need to preserve the
> language.
> I don't see any sing of Nuage affiliation. Maybe they are not well > organized or are short of resources and volunteers who could get
back > to you, but I don't see any sign of fraud.
> --- In, "Greg" <matopejutaska@a...> wrote:
> > This has probably come up many times, but I have seen an emergence  > of emails on the Language group from the people. They
> are > > based in Oregon, Washington state and Nevada, but make inferences > as  > to being from Rosebud and Pine Ridge (for example they
state "WE" > > have 20,000 enrolled on rosebud with 10,000 sick, etc)..
> >
> > I spoke with someone from the RST tribal council office and they > > denied any connection with this group.
> >
> > Anyone know what these folks are up to. In my response to their > > request for donations, I asked for their annual report ( a public > > document that must be provided for a 503C org) and who their board of directors was and their tribal affiliations.
> >
> > I have yet to hear from them..
> > Any thoughts on em??..
> > Greg