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Phony Inipis
« on: April 10, 2005, 11:43:18 pm »
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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 13:39:39 -0000
Subject: [nafps_again] Re: Inipi in cement!!!!!

Alessandro, it might help if you understood that the lodge itself is not referred to as an "inipi."  The lodge is generally referred to as "tunkan thipi," "stone-people lodge."  The "Inipi" is the
ceremony itself.  Another reason that the concrete structure and what goes on in it could never really be considered an Inipi ceremony is that the material used to construct the lodge plays an
intricate part in making the ceremonies that take place inside it complete.  The materials are living materials.


--- In, "Alessandro " <ale.profeti@e...>
wrote:> Paolo, the webmaster of the  web site of A.C.S.S.I.A. precise that > this association is not responsable of the construction of this
inipi > in cement.
> This inipi in cement has been constructed from other persons who do > not make part of the association...
> Alessandro

> --- In, "Alessandro "
> wrote:
> > In the Regional Park of Castelli Romani (Rome, Italy) the > Association > A.C.S.S.I.A. (the founder and President is Victor Hugo Paz Alvarez
> > alias Ichu) it is constructing the Inipi in cement.... You can see the photos in the album "Inipi in cement" on this  group...
> > This photos are sending me from my friends Alex... > Alex has been personally on the place in order to document itself...
> > No comment :-(
> > Alessandro