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Traditional Elders' Statement on Social Media and Sacred Ceremonies

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From elders of numerous tribes meeting for World Peace and Prayer Day. Their central concern was media like Youtube and Tik Tok where ceremonies or healing, both real and false, were being posted, especially by younger Natives or alleged Natives who seemed unaware or indifferent of the harm they were doing.

If you are part of the sacred then you are also part of the protection. The misuse of sacred items, symbols, and ceremonies whether by individuals or groups, as well as through social media(s) is a corruption of the sacred. If we do not understand how or why this happens, the first part of protection is the willingness to have the courage and good heart to learn with compassion.

Signatures- If I make any spelling errors or miss any, please point it out.

James Weston, Dakota Wahpa Ipaksan
Hulleah J. Tsinahuinnie , Seminole/Muscogee/Dineh
Faith Spotted Eagle
Michael Weston
Akwirente Deer, Mohawk Nation
Toiote Diabo, Mohawk Nation
Westley Redday, Dakota Lakota
Maida Medicine Crow, Dakota Nation
Joseph A Herman Jr, Siseton Wahpetan Oyate
Lynn Halbert, Sisseton Wahpetan Oyate
Lonnie Provost, Ihanktonwan
Juanel Espinosa, Spirit Lake Nation
Mia Fischer, Ihanktonwan/Brave Heart Society
Courtney and Michael Soria ?

Signatures cont'

Harry Snowboy, Bundle Keeper
Myron Dewey, Paiute/Shoshone
Melissa Brings Them, Red Lake and Standing Rock
Sara Weston, Flandreau Santee Sioux Wakpa Ipaksan
Jennifer Veilleaux, same?
Kate Keshona, ? Menominee
Lisa Bellanger, Leech Lake Anishnaabe

Signatures cont'

Paula Looking Horse, SWO
?, Cheyenne River
? Pawnee/Pona/Otoe

Signatures cont' (ETA more added)

Joseph Robertson, ?
Hilda Ramirez, Purapecha Nation
Gayle Stone Arrow, SWO
Sarah Knife Chief, Skidi Pawnee
Cindy Weston, Flandreau SD
Max Hill, Ojibwe
Joanna Hill, Ojibwe Mille Lacs Lake
Valerie Reece, Lakota. Cherokee Nation
Warlene Yellow Cloud, Flandreau, S.D.
Kathleen Soehl, Red Wing, MN


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