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Defend the Sacred:
Indigenous People Speak Out Against the Frauds
Rezerella (Coeur d'Alene/Okanagan/Menominee) -

Wannabe NDN
- James Ray and other pretendians... offensive, disgusting and sometimes deadly.

mtig49 (Anishinabe) -

Indian at Heart
- Do you believe you were Indian in a past life? How can you learn about Indians? Have you thought about what Indians feel about your desire to participate in their ceremonies?

White Eagle Medicine Woman Fraud
White Ego Woman
- Peaceful protest in Michigan. They got results. Includes references to an authentic Native American naming ceremony that was performed earlier.

White Ego Woman 2
- More fraud-wrangling in Michigan

Center of Light
- Non-natives sell sweats and other fake NDN ceremonies, host frauds like Holzwarth, and call the police when NDNs come by to see what's going on.

aimsb1214 (AIM Santa Barbara) -

Commercialization of Native Spirituality part 1 of 3
Commercialization of Native Spirituality part 2 of 3
Commercialization of Native Spirituality part 3 of 3
- Roberta Weighill (Chumash) and Corine Fairbanks (Lakota) of AIM SB talk about the plastic shamans and cultural appropriation.

iktomereturns (Collective) -

What Do Native Americans Want?
- Blackface/Redface, Misappropriation/Minstrel Shows

Cherokee Nation of Oklahoman (CNO) -

What is a real Indian Nation? What is a fake tribe?
 - How to recognize a fake tribe. Includes some info on fake ceremonies and individuals.

Iroqua (Haudenosaunee) - White Eagle Medicine Woman Fraud (Different from video of same title above)
-  Haudenosaunee man speaks about Rachel Holzwarth and the harm she and the other pretendians do to his people.

Sometimes people get asked to sell out. You get some newager praising your "wisdom", offering you money... Calling you "Elder" even though you're young, or not a ceremonial person...

The best satire is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Almost ;)

Indian Names for Sale! - "Need a plastic Shaman? Look no more! We got you! Native spirituality for sale!! come one come all!" (Hint, you may recognize these Dakota guys from the Wolfpack Auditions)

Clarence Two Toes Sells Out. 
(Language Note - Ojibway/Metis Clarence is fond of the F-word and some mature subject matter)
A Mile In My Moccassins: EP#3 The Conference Trail
A Mile in My Moccasins: EP#4 Running From Running Deer
A Mile In My Moccassins: EP#5 Big Fat White Bear ... Clarence realizes there are consequences to selling out. Ooops.

Plastic Shaman Naturally Native Clip - from the NDN-made indie film "Naturally Native".  Three sisters want to start a business... but the people with the money have other ideas of how they could use the Native women... As tokens to "legitimize" their fraud.

Some of the MySpace links in these videos are not currently active, but people are still connecting here and on Facebook.

Defend the Sacred:
Films about Cultural Appropriation
by Native/non-Native Collaborative Teams
White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men
- An award-winning documentary by Terry Macy and Daniel Hart of the Native Voices Program at the University of Washington. Purchase the whole film, and view clips on YouTube:
White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men, Part 1 of 3
White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men, Part 2 of 3

Defend the Sacred:
This video does not directly address the frauds, but simply tells the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman. I think it's good to have this here, as so many newagers are trying to exploit the WBCW story.

Arvol Lookinghorse tells the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman, and discusses the appearance of white animals in recent years. White Buffalo Calf Woman is a black-haired woman, and the prophecy is that she will return as a white buffalo calf.

You may notice that there is no mention of blonde, white women anywhere in the prophecies.

Defend the Sacred:
indiancountrytv -

Time to stop pretending Kiesha Crowther Little Grandmother 
- A response to Crowther's recent claims that she never really claimed to be leading NDN ceremonies... and that she never really claimed to be representing Native ways... combined with Crowther's own words, pictures from her appearances, and suggestions for what Crowther could do now that the truth has come out.

*** Note: Contains images of the dead from the Wounded Knee Massacre ***

Defend the Sacred:
Kiesha Crowther (Updated) Alternative Lifestyles of the Rich & Fraudulent

This updated version has the inipi footage removed. That section now has a flying eagle, and images of the land and cemetery at Wounded Knee (modern pictures, no bodies or massacre images). At the end is the AIMSB flyer for the upcoming protest in Palm Springs.

Video documents some of Crowther's earnings from her pretendian workshops, and contrasts Crowther's expensive new Santa Fe home with conditions on Pine Ridge. This video is a collaborative effort by a number of Indigenous activists and supporters, and is being mirrored widely so it cannot be taken down. It is copyleft and reproduction is encouraged. Posters are asked to include this statement:

"An indigenous spiritual elder is known for his or her humility. He or she sacrifices EVERYTHING for the good of the people and lives a humble existence. I too challenge Mrs. Crowther to give ALL of her ill-gotten gains from her Feb 4-5 workshop to the people of the Pine Ridge, Rosebud & Cheyenne River reservations. She claims to be their shaman, so she knows it is her OBLIGATION to put her people first before her own needs. I also challenge her to bring any lawsuits against me to TRIBAL court."


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