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Rod Berry I have noticed has changed the tribal name a couple of times over the years. All the bits I researched he has always claimed to be Osage but has changed the original name from The Tall Ones (in one of his gallery reviews) to also being The Sky People (for his Star Tribe Project).
I do like his quote, "says it takes years to learn about the sweat lodge. Go to a couple hundred,” he says, “then maybe you will begin to understand what they are about. And then you will no longer want to conduct one, because it carries great responsibility.”
Especially when his 'English (bigamist) wife' is conducting them and I've heard he attends them. It might even be that he attends as the pipe carrier!
Typical seller of ceremony quote, it's wrong for others, but OK for me to do it.

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Defend the Sacred:

--- Quote from: TimberlineWarrior on December 29, 2009, 10:29:57 am ---Typical seller of ceremony quote, it's wrong for others, but OK for me to do it.

--- End quote ---

Yup, typical.

Welome to 2010 all and I've discovered that the lessons of Sedona haven't crossed the puddle and the charlatans have already started planning a busy year.
My first discovery was;
Due to requests I will be holding another full ceremony sweat lodge on 20th February 2010. The lodge on the 15th was beautiful and she held everyone in love and beauty as always. It was a fun day filled with teachings from my path  and  new found friendship and connections.
Followed closely by;
She's alreadt planned a full program of exploitation for the coming year.
Reading her About Me page she states she is a Dramatherapist, drama as in acting I presume. That just about says it all!
Bethlehem Taylor is mentioned and we've encountered him/her before at who it seems have now expanded into running sweats at other sites and possibly even teaching them.
My final offering for today is;
Just scratching the surface this really sticks out as a NuAge site. There is no mention of Sweats in 2010 yet, but I'll keep monitoring them.

Nappy New Year all

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--- Quote from: nativeBS on December 29, 2009, 04:59:48 am ---RE: Rod Bearcloud Berry

Can anyone tell me about the  Ni´U´Kon´ska tribe from Olkahoma?  This is the "new" tribe that Rod claims to be from.  I don't ever remember his claiming that origin before, however, it recently was published in this article:

--- End quote ---

This has just appearred in the comment section of the page of the above link, which is based in Sedona and Berry lives there. Hopefully several residents will read it and he'll recieve the acclaim he deserves;

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 Richard Hollier  1 day ago   

Rod Bearcloud Berry condems non native people selling sweat lodge ceremonies. Perhaps he'd comment on Kate Fenn based in England that he has connections with who performs and sells sweat lodges and other Native American ceremonies. This comment he made on her write up for one site that promotes her selling ceremonies.
"I have always known Kate to work with the old ways,and I know them to be at the Medicine Wheel,and Inipi's (purification lodges). I know Kate's lodges have always been built in the right way and have been learned well over time.It's good to see something in another country go in a good way that is of Native American orientation.In the many years that i have come to England,it has been the same.Kate's teaching i have heard and i know will assist many people in their journey on the EarthMother.It is good for my heart to see,and i wish you a continued sacred journey." ROD BEARCLOUD BERRY, TRADITIONAL OSAGE NATIVE AMERICAN VISION SEEKER AND LODGE KEEPER.

This is a very interesting thread, thank you

I first found out about frauds like this in the UK in the mid 1980s

A guy I knew at the time (called himself a "modern primitive"  ::) )was covered in tattoos, piercings etc. attended a shamanic retreat with  group of friends and his girlfriend.

If my memory is correct this retreat was somewhere in Devon.  I did not know this man really well and have no idea what the name of the "shaman" was.

Anyway he returned from this retreat in a terrible state.

Basically the shaman had given all of them some kind of hallucinogenic stuff to drink as part of some ritual.  

Then when everyone was under the influence of the drug he seduced this guy's girlfriend and some other women who were the gfs of other men attending.

Obviously being in a state of hallucinating and knowing that your girlfriend has gone off to have sex with the "shaman" was highly traumatic. This shaman had attendants who lectured the men about the importance of relinquishing jealousy and possessiveness if one was to develop spiritually.

A truly horrible time was had by all.  Except for the "shaman" who seemed to enjoy himself immensely.

Mr "modern primitive" paid a lot of money for this experience too.  He wasn't a bad person (at least not as far a I know), a bit of a naive person with a love for trying "edgy" experiences and a complete lack of understanding about cultural appropriation.  I always hated the "modern primitive" movement on so many levels and find the term highly offensive, but what that so called shaman did to the people on that retreat was really terrible.

That was my first experience (albeit 2nd hand) of realising that some people use a combination of powerful hallucinogens and a "shamanism" to abuse and take advantage of people.

I think this stuff goes on a lot more than most people realise.


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