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Here is one I've just found and could well be part of this groups activities, bur there is also a very familiar name, Brooke Medicine Eagle !!

They really are branching out, camping in tipis, sweat lodges and much more, once you have paid your entrance fee and made the appropiate connections (Payments) they'll even give you a Native name   lol

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I've just found this, several interesting people seem connected....

More research to follow

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Well there has been an interesting development.
Adrienne has always claimed to be calm, never getting angry, always sending healing and calming energy in responce to any situation and such a perfect!
But she turned up on my friends doorstep this morning and started to ask him about her being posted as a fraud. He wouldn't comment or reveal anything. her responce was to tell him that Kate and Bearcloud think it hilariously funny that they have been posted and sent pink love and healing to all here.
It also transpires that Kate and Barecloud are married by ceremony.
My friend stated that there was nothing to talk about and turned to re-enter his apartment. She followed him and forced her way into his home. He asked her to leave where she refused. He then stated that unless she did he would call the police as she had forced her way in. As he picked up his cell to dial them she slapped it out of his hand and set about him. She's quite a big lady and as she works as a carer she has considerable strength. There was no serious damage done, apart from some hair pulling, bruises and a slight graze. He is pressing charges for assault.
But this shows that these people should be approached with caution as these reports could be met with violence and there claims of peace and love are as false as they are.

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A bit of research using the information that Kate and Bearcloud are married has turned up loads of info and added a great deal of weight to their fraud status;
From Bearclouds web site I followed the trail to his project The Chameleon Project. Especially quoting the Six Nations in his Council of Elders statement;
It didn't take much to work out how to become a member;

We encourage your participation at a variety of levels. The synergy of contributions
will enhance the success of this oasis for humanity.
Thank you for making a generous contribution. You will receive a tax deductible receipt in the mail. Please fill out our Chameleon Project Membership Form.

Following the link thru Corporate/Team players I was able to find a link to Kate Fenn, using google and Kate Fenn egypt I managed to locate her and a example of a full blown typical fraud with all the usual claims and a link back to Barecloud.
Look about half way down the page to find her including this pearl of info..

 While holding regular Sweat Lodges and ceremonies and having a constant working and deep connection with ROD BEARCLOUD, well known for his Traditional ways and lodges on the reservations and wonderful visionary Artwork.
Kate has for many years been teaching through the use of Meditation, Sweat Lodge ceremonies, Vision Quest Healing, and the Medicine Wheel.

"I have always known Kate to work with the old ways,and I know them to be at the Medicine Wheel,and Inipi's (purification lodges). I know Kate's lodges have always been built in the right way and have been learned well over time.It's good to see something in another country go in a good way that is of Native American orientation.In the many years that i have come to England,it has been the same.Kate's teaching i have heard and i know will assist many people in their journey on the EarthMother.It is good for my heart to see,and i wish you a continued sacred journey." ROD BEARCLOUD BERRY, TRADITIONAL OSAGE NATIVE AMERICAN VISION SEEKER AND LODGE KEEPER.

Still with Google I found a crop circle link that posted this snippet of info;

Rod has been a soldier at the croppie frontline for some time now, producing DVDs and artworks examining the extraordinary geometry and meaning of crop formations, but this is the first calendar he has produced. Taking a bold stylistically different approach from the competition, facing the obligatory full-size photo of a crop circle, each from the 2004 season, is a circular date grid framing a ring showing the phases of the moon.

This calendar is very much for the celestially-minded, including astronomical and astrological details, and includes sunrise and sunset times at sacred sites around the world for each month. Each quadranted page is packed full of smaller photos, quotes and colourful silhouettes.

Though some of the photos are a little murky in places, this stands out from the other calendars in being a radically altered approach to the expected format, and as such will please those with a more adventurous and spiritual bent.

Rod Bearcloud, Tlaquepaque C-107, Sedona, AZ 86339
Tel: (001) 928 282 4940

UK copies can be ordered from Kate Fenn at:

3 Elder Court, Lavender Drive, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 ORL, UK

More will no doubt come to light on this pair and their friends. If the teachings they pass on result in example as shown by Ms Gilbert then soldiers and violence can be expected.

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Defend the Sacred:
Could you put the material you found in quotation marks or italics or a quote box? Just some way to clearly set their words apart from yours. I want to make sure everyone reading this is clear on who's saying what. Thanks! :-)


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