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I was invited to this forum after voicing an opinion of frauds and ceremony thiefs, I see a lot of that here in the UK.
Heres one example;

Sweat lodges £30 ($55) per head for up to 15 people or host your  own and
recieve 15% commision. Thats taking selling to a new  level.

I have looked briefly at some I knew of and they're wising up and  taking
connections to Native Americans. One place even reckons that sweat
lodges/visions quests were indigineous to Europe !!!!!!!   lolol

^. .^

And you also have Roy "Littlesun" with his "teachings of the oneheart" and "Hopi medicine wheels". He is frequently in the Glastonbury area and I've been told has an enormous cult following there.

I have traced the organisation representing Roy Littlesun and mailed them this.......

Info please on Roy Littlesun

You claim that Roy Littlesun is a Hopi Elder. Please can you verify this with documented proof. I have been contacted by represantatives of the Hopi Nation and been asked to follow this matter and report to them on this mans claims and selling of ceremonies  which they feel are derogatory to the Hopi Nation and against the true principles and represantations of themselves.
Failure to either provide said proof or cease in thse claims and practices will result in further action.


Glad to have you here TW. A couple of us will actually be on a speaking tour of Europe this summer including Britain. We'd be glad to hear about which frauds are the worst and the most pervasive over there. And if you're able to get people to quit claiming these are Native ceremonies, or to quit abusing Native ceremonies, we're glad to hear it.

That claim about sweatlodges is one of the most common, said by lots of people who cant distinguish between a sauna with no spiritual aspect and sweatlodges with very different rituals and meanings attached.

We also have a lot of information on Roy Steevensz ("Littlesun") at And Pat, our site builder, knows quite a bit about him.

From the site:

Universal Reorientation with Roy Littlesun

If your visit to Glastonbury includes a Wednesday evening, you can have the privilege of meeting Roy Littlesun, Hopi messenger and beloved elder. From 6 to 9 pm he offers an exquisite, balanced meal whilst presenting profound universal teachings around his medicine wheel. We highly recommend joining this ever-changing circle in a barn at the centre of the Glastonbury Zodiac.



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