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Nick Revell: BrokenDreamCatcher — Clash of the Hipster Shamans



--- Quote ---Released On: 03 Sep 2020 Available for over a year
"Nick Revell has done for magic realism what Austin Powers did for James Bond." The Times

Nick is comfortably one of the best comic storytellers in the UK. An easy claim to make, but one backed up by years of successful touring and sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe.

BrokenDreamCatcher is a series of contemporary comic tales that could almost be true. Anything can happen - and it probably will - when this master storyteller combines comedy with magic realism.

In this episode, the coincidental opening of two 'shaman shops' in north London leads to previously undreamed of events unfolding at the Nag's Head crossroads in Holloway. Unlikely as it might seem, Hollywood A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow gets involved - she reveals her visceral dislike of Taylor Swift, a secret passion for 1970s Rugby League and asks to borrow Nick's kettle .... but can they find the dream catcher repairman's business card in time?

These are outlandish stories told with energy, wit and intelligence served with both a smile and a barb. They are illustrated and supported by an original soundtrack written and performed by Paul Clark of London's Clod Ensemble.

Written and performed by Nick Revell
Original music: Paul Clark
Producer: Steve Doherty
A Giddy Goat production for BBC Radio 4
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