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The long-awaited fifth Melchizedek is now finally here!

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This is probably the worst '2012 Messiah' that i have ever found, in that he does a truly - TRULY terrible job and people actually believe him and attend his talks and workshops. He's the fifth Melchizedek - "a God's High Priest", he's from my country - listen to how he tries to put on a North American accent with a taste of South American spirit, and amongst other things he gives 4-day Galactic Master Wizard courses which should not be underestimated because "it is for the real hardcore Light Warriors". Someone on a forum i used to visit, posted a Call to Join his 'Mega-Ascension Meditation Group' on the forums and actually got some people to sign themselves up. He's got pictures of... ah you know, just check out the website.

Ok, I am officially totally put out with the new age scene. :) Will go back to my cave and be happy not to ascent, the word starts to give me throwing up reaction nowadays anyway, lol. :D

And btw, this site you posted, puts it pretty well: "A shaman is someone who tells his own story, in other words, creates its own reality and believes in his own story, a shaman is a kind of director, he is convinced that he orchestrate and create his own story as he wants.....". Indeed, they do tend to create their own reality and believe in stories they make, do they? ;)

E.P. Grondine:
Thanks for sharing this one. He really does put it all together in one spot.

I want whatever he's smoking... just for one time, just to see what it's like  ;D

Sounds like a comic-book title.


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