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Susan Stanton AKA Susan Kaiulani
« on: March 21, 2017, 10:12:11 pm »
Got a request about her. From Hawaii but claims to be Mohawk and given a Lakota chanupa.

Part of Standing Bear Council mentioned here.

Works with notorious exploiter Wm Anderson AKA Blue Otter on a phony Ghost Dance.

Susan Stanton, Forrest Liggett, Blueotter of Oklevueha Native American Church, and Mark Borcherding discuss the restoration of the Original Ghost Dance and the future of the soon-to-become-global movement!

“Honoring the Ancestors of Ancient America”
A Conference: August 11-13,
Hosted by: Ancient American Magazine & Friends of River Sidon Peace with Justice Project

Conference Package, Per Person - $325. Includes:
3 Nights Hotel Accomodations (8/11,12,13) 3 Days Breakfast Lunch Dinner (8/11,12,13) 3 Days Conference Daily Entrance (8/11,12,13) Reservations for Conference Package:
Contact, Nauvoo Family Inn and Suites, Phone: (217) 453-6527
Address: 1875 Mulholland St, Nauvoo, IL 62354
Daily Admission only (no motel/food), contact Ancient American 715-962-3299 Admission per day is $30.00

Her family believes they are Hawaiian, but are unsure.
Jennifer Ah YouJune 21, 2016 at 8:29 PM
Looking for biological family.
Searching for the parents of my mother Susan Kaiulani Vinacke (Stanton). She was born on February 7. 1949 and given up for adoption on Oahu by a 20 year old possibly named Jeanne HOUSE who may have lived in a boarding house. Jeanne House could have gone by another alias. From Hawaii my mom Susan and her adopted parents (UH Professors) moved to New York around 1965. She later returned to Hawaii In 1980 and lived in Laie and Punalu'u. I recently did the DNA test and some of the names that we are related to are Kekahuna, Lohelohe, Kua, Ilae, Haina, Kane, Wakinekona, Haupu. It is unclear whether her mother or father are of Hawaiian ancestry but since I am 20% Hawaiian I am assuming she is around 40% which would have made that parent almost full Hawaiian and the other parent haole.

Claiming to do ceremony from Abenaki Algonquian, Iroquois, and the 2012 faux Mayan prophecy.
Made’Win Pulse of Life: Paving the Way for the Next Seven Generations
Southwest Grandmother’s Gathering September 27, 28 and 29 The Mimbres, Silver City New Mexico

Lodging for all three nights, including nine meals, is $125.00. To reserve your space please send a $25.00 non-refundable deposit right away to: Camp Thunderbird, P.O. Box 9, Mimbres NM (575) 536-9560

All Men and Children are Welcome to Camp and Join in the Grandmother Teaching Circles! If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please call Susan Kaiulani Stanton, at (575) 574-8456, or (217) 453-6339.

The Made’Win Grandmothers (Iroquois, Algonquin and Abinaki) are carrying the teachings of The Red Road and Turtle Island to Grandmother’s Circles in various locations across Turtle Island and the Island of Hawai’i. Their message includes instructions concerning the next 500 years...

We acknowledge the belief that the sacred indigenous Mayan Calendar is ending....

On September 27, 2009 the Grandmother’s of the Southwest will be gathering for three days to share the collective wisdom of these teachings. Under the direction of the Made’win Grandmothers Pipe Carriers will conduct daily ceremonies to send prayers to the four corners of the Earth to unite the people in fulfillment of the many world-wide indigenous prophecies that have pointed toward this “time of no time”. A Grandmother’s Sweat Lodge will be built prior to the Gathering...

Please join with us for 3 days and nights of Wisdom Sharing as grandmothers from the Southwest gather together...

There is space for 100 Grandmother’s at Camp Thunderbird in the Mimbres, near Silver City, New Mexico...You can visit the City of Rocks, bathe in the warm springs, and listen to the stories of the Star People.

Claiming to be Iroquois elder in England. Really like the photo of the alleged Cherokee with a faux Lakota name.
In Scotland with a silly crystal ceremony.

Danish site.
Grandmother Susan Ka'iulani Stanton is Haudenausonee (People of the Long House), Wolf
Clan. Susan was born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii. She lived for many years in the mountains on
the island of Oahu, raising her children in a more traditional lifestyle and living close to the land.
Since a young age Susan has talked with the animals and birds. She also spent ten years in the
desert on a reservation in Arizona, where she learned to work with the desert plants and animals.
Grandmother Susan is a prison counselor, and the founder of Grandmothers Circle the Earth. She is
also a involved in Sacred Mounds protection.
Together with her husband Brad (Narrangansett), she owns Chiefmoon Consulting, a Native owned
business that brings affordable housing and economic development to the Tribes in the United
Southern and Eastern Conference.
Susan is an addictions counselor, a Reiki Master and cranio-sacral therapist. She practices energy
medicine and works with dreams. She is also carrier of the crystal medicine....

In Poland settting up circles and claiming the world might be facing catclysm. Google translation
Meeting with Indian grandmothers who circle the world - July 17, 2011

Generally about Indian grandmothers
In July 2011, a group of older women in Poland, including several Indians, had a mission to transfer their knowledge and skills while traveling around the world. A series of such events was launched in 2009 by grandmothers Gail Whitlow (from the Mohawk tribe) and Susan Stanton (from the Haudenosaunee tribe). There are currently 13 grandmothers who form the non-profit organization Grandmothers Circle the Earth. These grannys create more circles on different continents. The Council of 28 Grandparents is also established, and in Poland was the grandfather of Keywa Wirght from the Cherokee tribe.
Meet grandma and grandfather in Poland
During more than 30 days, the grandmothers have conducted workshops and lectures on personalities, healing, handicrafts, etc. in various places in Poland.
Information about these meetings was not public, and sometimes more than 300 people attended.
In the middle of July, we were able to meet Polish friends in Warsaw with some grandmothers among the planned workshops. The meeting was attended by Malgosia and Jola (ja).

Meeting with Grandma Susan
After a long wait at the Maria's house in Warsaw's Grochow, where all the grandmothers were staying, we met Susan Kaiulani Stanton....She had a beautiful elk leather bag emblazoned with a beaded floral pattern. The bag had a large and beautiful crystal - a very important part of her workshop. There was also a seashell and a thick bunch of sage....
Once she got to know some of our activities, she told us about the Circles that formed around Baba. Susan belongs to the White Bizon Women Association....

Grandmother Susan said that she knows the history of Poland, knows that Poles have problems with their freedom and long struggle, but we are free because we did not give up - just like the Indians. She said:
"We have different skin color, but we have the same color of blood."

Susan also confessed that her son was half Polish, but parted with his father so he knew only the Indian part of his son. Now, in Poland maybe a little to learn about his second Polish nature....

Susan suggested we set up a circle among Indian friends. We can now come up with the name of the circle, but it can also be given later when grandmothers leave Poland. I asked what we would be obliged to have in such a circle. She replied, "It does not oblige it to anything, because we would really still do what is now propagating the Indian perception of the world. But if anyone asks who taught you, then you have to answer that it is the grandma of Turtle Island. "

She also said that her housekeeper in Poland, Maria, is the guardian of the holy pipe. [?!] She asked if there was such a guardian among the Polish friends of the Indians. Gosia responded that the Blue Wind is a guard at our bundle. Susan explained that Maria guest grandmothers in her apartment, feeds them and organizes workshops with other grandmothers from Polish circles of sisterhood. The money earned from the workshops is spent on living costs, travels, helping people who create circles in their environment. All excess money will remain for circles in Poland. Similar groups are formed in Lithuania, Portugal, France, Denmark and other continents....

Goals of circles
Susan said that now times are getting heavier and prophecies are not good. It is therefore a good time to create circles where people will learn how to deal with difficult situations and traditional ways of life - cooking, sewing, healing, etc. In times when internet and television will not be available, you will need much knowledge. When the polarity of the sun changes, it may not work with phones, satellite dishes...It has been investigated that the magnetic wave is passing through the Universe - it is small now, yet it causes floods and other cataclysms. There are also changes in people.
....Is Susan dealing with only one field? - He deals with reiki and the protection of holy places, burial sites and places of danger
....I and Gosia were convinced - we decided to be honored with the Blessing. Then extraordinary things began to happen. It was late evening when we told Susan and Mary that we would now like to receive the Blessing to be able to create our own circle, and we will give the name in the future in consultation with our friends from PRPI and PSPI. Susan in the adjoining room prepared for this ceremony. She came dressed in leather overlay with beads, with a beautiful pendant, and in her hands she held two leather bags - one white and the other intensely yellow. She lit a sage and then cleaned us with her smoke. During this cleansing we had to stand facing east, and Maria helped to orientate. Then the bell rang and the second of the Indian grandmothers - Caren Trujillo of the Yaqui tribe in Arizona. She was small, had dark complexion, and had small flares. The features of her face seemed to be African, but the spirit was uniquely Indian in her. She had a sense of power and mission in her eyes. She was quickly informed of the reasons for such a sudden ceremony with us, and she was eager to join Susan's grandmother. A fan of equally cut ends of feathers scraped together our strengths by flipping them from one's head, torso, hands and legs in turn. It seemed that what he was collecting was trying to get away from us as much as possible. She quietly uttered different formulas in her lap. When the grandmothers decided we were already cleaned, Susan reached for the white leather bag. She explained that she had dust from corn that had grown from unusual seeds - so in one of the caves in the south we found corn grain 500 years ago.
....Here I became an object of old tradition from the ocean and I did not have to go there, this rite reached Poland, the women of the Polish Movement and the Association of Friends of Indians.


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Re: Susan Stanton AKA Susan Kaiulani
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2017, 12:11:28 am »
Susan Stanton


Turtle Island Council

Executive Director, River Sidon Peace with Justice Project

Founder Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation

Illinois corporation records:

File Number   67993748
 Entity Type   CORPORATION   
Type of Corp   NOT-FOR-PROFIT
 Incorporation Date (Domestic)   09/23/2011    State   ILLINOIS
 Agent City   NAUVOO       
 Agent Zip   62354

She does events with Robin Youngblood ( )

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Re: Susan Stanton AKA Susan Kaiulani
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2017, 01:38:47 am »
Her group has a who's who of frauds, plus many unknown names. Some are just average people likely suckered, including perhaps actual elders.

Known frauds and Nuagers in bold. Outsiders reading this should keep in mind some of the claimed backgrounds are clearly false. I added truthful information in brackets [ ] Stanton is moved to Frauds.

Grandmother Renee Hill (Mohawk) Turtle Island Council

Elizabeth Babin (Anishnabe) Turtle Island Council TOPIC: Teachings of the Ancestral Star Lodge

Susan Stanton (Haudenausonee/Hawai’i) Turtle Island Council
Executive Director, River Sidon Peace with Justice Project
Founder Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation
[No evidence of NDN. An actual Haudenosaunee would list which Six Nations they allegedly were. Hawaiian is something the family itself is not sure of.]

Gail Whitlow (Mohawk)
Director Turtle Island Council, Ancestral Voices Healing Centre

Robin Youngblood (Okanagan)
Church of the Earth, Ambassador at Large – Grandmothers Circle the Earth
[No evidence of ancestry, numerous claimed tribes, see her thread.]

Marian Hartsfield (Blackfoot, Cherokee) Turtle Island Council

 Grandmother Strong Oak Lefebvre (Miqmaw) Director Visioning Bear Council

Grandmother Nancy Andry (Miqmaw)

Amanda Bernal-Carlo, Ph.D (Colombia) Coordinator for Mamos (Arhuaca)

Cinthy Sterling International Sundance Native American Flute [IOW, a musician]

Martha Paquin, Grandmothers of the Waterfall Council
White Buffalo Cow Society, Visionary Artist [whatever that means]

Deborah Sitron, Grandmothers of the Waterfall Council
Children’s Day Leader, Tai Chi Cha instructor

Karen Sparrow, White Buffalo Cow Society, Founder Thunderbird Society, Senior Grandmother [no tribe listed]

Pia Sorensen (Denmark) Grandmothers Council – Denmark

Pamela Pratt, (Akimel O’otham) TOPIC: Traditional Dance and Sign Language [likely an instructor who didn't know better]

Thana Redhawk (Apache/Azteca) White Buffalo Council, Grandmothers Pacifica Council
TOPIC: Artistic performance, spoken word [likely another performer]

Anele Heiges (Dominican Sister) TOPIC: “Papal Bulls and the Doctrine of Discovery” [likely didn't know any better]

Doris Teyonhekwen Spittal (Mohawk) Traditional Healer, Storyteller, Wisdom Keeper
TOPIC: “My Ancestor’s Journey and Their Connection to the Golden Plates” [Is this a Mormon reference?]

Mettazee Morris (Black Creek) [Someone Black who claims or has Creek ancestry?]

Billie Schibler (Anishinabe) Turtle Island Council, International Sundance Leader

Tonya White Deer Cargill (Metis) White Buffalo Council
Lead facilitator Grandmother’s Day Gathering Sunday

Cynthia Hart Button, White Buffalo Council, Grandmother’s Day Supporter [no affiliation]

Kanoena Richardson (Hawai’i) Hawai’iana Kupuna

Brad Walking Bear Stanton (Narragansett Silver Cloud Elder)
President, River Sidon Peace with Justice Project

Randolph Thompson (Junior)

Maria Ermi (Navajo) Traditional Healer, Crystal Healer [

Will Blue Otter Anderson (Cherokee) Host of Prophecy Keepers Radio
Native American Church Spiritual Leader
[One of the worst exploiters in existence, a serial con man and liar with dozens of wrecked abandoned organizations. A Mormon leading one splinter group after another. See numerous threads in here.]

Larry Cooper (Cherokee Elder) Standing Bear Council

Michael Bodine (Tuscarora) TOPIC: Teachings of Sun Bear [Obvious member of Bear Tribe cult.]

Ruben Aguirre (Tongva) Pipe Carrier TOPIC: NAGRA [Is that supposed to be NAGPRA?]

Janis Roze Ph.D, and Mamo Wilfredo (Latvia) TOPIC: “The Genetic River” [No discipline mentioned.]

Glenn Aparicio Parry TOPIC: “Original Thinking” [incredibly vague]

Adam DeArmon, Return of the Ancestors, Pipe Carrier, Dance of Friendship and Welcome
[Competes with Anderson for title of Worst Exploiter Ever. A white exploiter who used to call himself Yellowbird with a long list of wrecked lives and lies to his name.]

Forrest and Elizabeth Liggett (Cherokee) Pipe Carrier, Dance of Friendship and Welcome
[With same dance as Dearmon, makes them highly suspect.]

Arvis Dosela (San Carlos Apache) Water Drum, Traditional Teacher

Kwame Sun Horse, Pipe Carrier, Dance of Friendship and Welcome [One of Dearmon's also?]

Darrell Nichols, Retired Army Captain, Humanitarian, Speaker, Presenter
Violence Prevention Facilitator, Youth Day Leader [likely did not know any better]

Wayne May (Cherokee) Ancient American Magazine Co-Sponsor Honoring the Ancestors of Ancient America, Board of Directors River Sidon Peace with Justice Project [AA mag tied to long list of frauds]

Bert Gunn (America ) [Really? Very vague.] 7th Generation Wisdom Council, World Wisdom Gathering Elder

Solomon Wawatie (Algonquin Wisdom Keeper)

Jacob Wawatie (Algonquin Wisdom Keeper)

Jose “Manik” Munoz, Mayan Day Keeper and Crystal Skull Carrier [Munoz is such an obvious and prolific fraud he deserves his own thread.]

Elke Duerr
Ryan Fisher
Caroline Putnam– Reviveolution- “Indigenous Wisdom for the Modern World”
Bonnie Hobbs
Renee L. Cooper (Leslie)
Bikbaye Inejnema– Youth Day Council
Mack Boogaloo– Prophecy Keeperz Radio [This is Anderson's fraud outfit.]
Tatjana Branoff
Bernd Bechtloff
Kels Goodman
Howard Sitron
Pete Joy
Leslie Haslem
Jess Loflin
Ceci Hitch
Peder Leth

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Susan Stanton AKA Susan Kaiulani
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2019, 05:58:44 pm »
She is now holding ceremonies in Nuavoo, Illinois and has associated herself with the "white power" people, most recently staging a sweat lodge
 ceremony August 17-18, 2019.   
Living that life, some consider a Myth!

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Re: Susan Stanton AKA Susan Kaiulani
« Reply #4 on: August 21, 2019, 07:38:10 pm »
Susan Stanton is associating herself with the Proud Boys, which proves she must be white since the Proud Boys hate NDNs.
Living that life, some consider a Myth!


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Re: Susan Stanton AKA Susan Kaiulani
« Reply #5 on: September 01, 2019, 12:29:28 am »
"Grandmother Susan" Pure Evil Needs to be shut down...

Beware woman exploiting our Lakota Ceremonies and mixing it with New Age Bullshit, Crystals, and Mormonism.

We need to go after this woman "Grandmother Susan" She was confronted by the Director of Florida AIM and UUWS leader (Florida Chapter) by phone. She is a white woman who is putting people out on the hill, pouring lodges and also claims to have permission to do "Navajo Crystal medicine to heal meth addicts " and also says she is Mormon.

Claims to be friends with our Pipe Keeper and to have danced there at a Tree at a Sun Dance up by the Canadian line where he was the Sun Dance Chief. She also claims friendship with Mary Lyons. Arvol has no idea who she is and Mary Lyons has said that she knows who she is but has no kind of relationship with her.

She pretty much stole stuff from the 13 Grandmother's to make herself and her site more attractive to those who know no better.
She was asked who gave her permission to do either of our Ceremonies, she claimed Arvol. (Arvol would not do that, we personally know him) She was asked if she spoke Lakota, she admitted that she didn't she only knew a few words... You get the picture I am sure.

~ United Urban Warrior Society ~

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Re: Susan Stanton AKA Susan Kaiulani
« Reply #6 on: September 01, 2019, 03:26:39 pm »

Interesting comment there:

Phyllis Swift Hawk I am the last author of the Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality that was passed by the Summit back in June of 1993. The other two authors departed to the Spirit World. I'm in the process of reviving the declaration and working with Mrs. Darrell Standing Elk. There are non-natives performing ceremonies in public places and a native medicine man is allowing them to do them in California. We need to work together as their wrongdoings are making our oyate suffer and nature disasters are occurring.

There are two threads in here with identical titles corresponding to my bolded words above:

In that Facebook post there are also links to Susan Stanton's Facebook profile, etc: