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If there is a cybersleuth here on site willing to look into the cyber allegations against Gail Brown, i would appreciate some tech help verifying the identity of the persons making the allegations, Please PM me and let me know what you need to do this. I have credible info from enrolled people that these allegations are unwarranted, and i have personal knowledge that leads me to beleive these allegations are untrue. Ashby should be held accountable for her actions.

Dennis Walter died December 2, 2009
his last year was hound by Guardian/Ashby
She made claims that
his brother Ernie Walter sold membership in a fake tribe.

The problem was Dennis did not have a brother named Ernie
Dennis was 78 year old man who told people his grandma
was cherokee, to find out today that she was on the
eastern band rolls.
I am deeply sadden by these events. I went to meet
Dennis and he accepted me into his home filled with
all his grandchildren. He will be missed


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