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Christine L. Sweat Aka REd Hawk Woman


Tom Bailey:
She is From Onaway Michigan claims to be elected clanmother Michilimackinac metis and indian tribe

She claims to be related to Joseph Brant,Handsome Lake,cornplanter,dragging canoe,pontiac,black hawk,chief Joseph,tecumseh and geromimo

She is a white woman trying to steal ndn rights

Dang, she's as bad as the nutbar that used to be on alt.native. But the AN lady was also related to all european royalty. hehe. Don't ya just love those people who seem to be related to every famous Indian out there?

Tom, like Joseph on the other thread I have to wonder what your purpose is in here. I couldn't find anything on Sweat under either name, or on the Michilimakinac Metis either. It could be an unrecognized group, or people with distant ancestry. If it's the second, a lot of these groups often put on airs to seem more legit than they are.

She might not be truthful about who she is or who her ancestors are. (Based on that list, she certainly isn't. I know Goyathlay's family has no relation to any of the other famous NDNs on the list.) But that wouldn't make her a Nuage fraud, unless she's doing phony ceremonies and things like that.

Could you tell us more about yourself and why you're upset with her, other than this vague information?


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