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oh boy...


It's a twink conference in, where else?, Sedona.

Check out the spreakers. Grandmother Chandra sells "crop circle oils" for a mere $25. Standing Elk is something else. Appears he may be someone with knowledge who has gone twinkified.

"Grandma Chandra" is something else. I cant decide of she's being used or is using her disability to hustle.

This account says she "speaks psychicly". So that would certainly make it easier ofr others to use her.

I wouldn't call SE an elder, he looks to be in his forties.

But he seems to have been a Sundancer. Awhile back I wrote that I thought elders involed with UFO nuts like these "Star Knowledge" get togethers were probably being taken advantage of. But SE seems to know exactly what he's doing, even plays a part in setting these up.

I can't help notice that these "Star Knowledge" types bought a house for SE, and are gathering donations for a hot tub and swimming pool for him.

Some of the other claims.

"Rangi Harvey is a Maori woman, from Aotearoa (New Zealand). She was chosen by her ancestors to do her whakapapa (geneology) and she was led on her return migration to Grandmother Turtle Island. She has written a manuscript E Nga Hau E Wha. . .The Four Winds which is also a part of her whakapapa. It speaks of how conditioning and environment determines how our senses, sensory perception, four bodies of energy (known as emotions, unconscious actions, thoughts and reactions) and extra sensory perception, function.
Workshop Description
E Nga Hau E Wha. . . The Four Winds Workshop is based upon the manuscript Rangi has written. In the workshop, we will learn about Mirror, Mirror -Comparison to another / The Cube - Imbalance/ Exploding the Cube - Tools Behind Religion / The Four Bodies of Energy - Emotive/ The Four Bodies of Energy - Intellect/ The Four Bodies of Energy - Instinctive/ The Four Bodies of Energy - Subconscious/ Expansion - Vibrations / The Mind Shift - The Trinity, The Union, The Master Cell. "

Huhanna, is there anything at all Maori in this?

And one of SE's less than credible followers:
"KUNA- Marcella Doyle Tenanty, Celtic, Cherokee Grandmother is an Ordained Minister, Kahuna Practitioner, Reiki Master, and messenger for the Grandmothers from the Star Nations.
In 1998, at Pipestone, Minnesota on the hour of the Summer Solstice,during the Fire Ceremony, with Standing Elk/Chief Golden Eagle, Kuna was initiated as a Star Teacher. Kuna lives in Scottsdale, AZ Contact-602-885-3937.
Sunday Lecture- 11:11,12:12,13:13- Portals (wormholes) to Ascension.
During Ceremony on 11:11, 2004, the "Elders Council", from Arcturius, came to Kuna with their blazing Blue Flame. As the Stargate opened they shared it is time for The "Kuna-Cuna"-( Divine Mother) energy to come forward. This progression of energy moves us from "Kuna"-The Lumerian  seed planters from the Xochetmel Star System to, "Cuna,".... energy received, moving us closer to mass consciousness."

Guess what, she's a beauty salon "esthetician". And "European trained." Who knows what a "Feng Shui facial" is, since Feng Shui has to do with the space in a room.

Plus there's two that should interest you, Bryant. An alleged Mayan called Taskora and an alleged Yaqui from Sonora named Cachora.


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