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Got pics?


Since nobody suggested or contributed any images for the main part of this site,I just made a simple design.

So far I've done only the home page and one other, the rest of the links don't go anywhere, not even "under construction" pages yet, as I want some feedback on the design before I put a lot more work into it.

Take a look please:

Comments, anyone?

Though I know zip about web design...I like what you've done! Streamline appearance and very easy to navigate. Had I any graphics I'd have sent them your way. Unfortunately, I wouldn't know a graphic if it jumped up and bit me. You've done a great job!


I work in Photoshop.  If you send me some images and tell me what you want done with them - what "look" you are looking for, I can do it more than likely.  I enjoy graphic design.


I have PhotoShop as well. the problem is that no images have been contributed or even suggested. What can you do with non-existent images?


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