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Exploiters of the Hopi


Pat" <>
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 15:20:45 -0000
Subject: [newagefraudsplastichshamans] New Scheme to Exploit Hopi


I have received news from a reliable source about Roy "Littlesun"
Steevensz's latest get-rich-quick venture. He is again adopting the
Hopi messenger personal banner to draw in people in England and has
planted Hopi blue corn on a third of an acre on land in Butleigh,
near Glastonbury. He will be marketing a by-product of this corn as a
so-called medicine, "Hopi Blue Corn Essence". People are being
beguiled into thinking this essence will hold healing power. He has
apparently persuaded some wealthy people to finance the venture.

I have been told that the corn essence is very close to manufacture
and that RLS will have a website for it online very soon. I have
written to the Hopi Office of Cultural Preservation and asked for an
official statement, that Roy is in no way a representative or
messenger for Hopi and that Hopi would never make and market an
extract of their corn as a medicine in the global market. This
statement would be used as part of the effort to end the ongoing
exploitation of the Hopi name by RLS. It would be published online to
hopefully redirect prospective buyers to legitimate Hopi crafts and
craftspeople, or least keep them from further enriching Mr.
Steevensz, who seems to never run out of ways and means of abusing
the Hopi name.

If there are any Hopi people in this group or if any of you know any
Hopis who may be willing to comment on this matter, please refer them
to me c/o oneheart @ Any other native people who use
blue corn as a food are also invited and urged to send their comments.

Thank you.


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