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This is the week for good news  ;D

A Swedish lady heard about our film and about NAFPS, she had got apalled by the abuse of Ndn ceremonies and decided to write her dissertation on this topic. She has done a really good job. Most  of it is in Swedish with some English quotes here and there, but I know many people in Scandinavia visit this board and may find this dissertation helpful!

Needless to say, she has had a hard time after this dissertation was published. She has had several letters from angry people involved in the exploitation. But also, this has been a real eye-opener for lots of people that just didn´t know what was going on.


My thanks to her too. Nice of her to give us a bit of credit, and the more people know about the subject the better.
There are some quotes in English. From what I can tell, her argument is that Nuage is really a business posing as a spiritual movement, another form of commercial globalization.
One of the quotes from me is from the Swedish translation of They Call Us Indians. I can just see some of the frauds pointing and saying, "You SEE! He speaks Swedish! How Indian can he REALLY Be?!"

That's good news, Annika. Any idea whether it will be translated into English?

I don´t think she has any intentions of having it translated to English, but now when I think of it....this dissertation is so important, especially coming from a non-Native taking a stand against what our own people do. I will have a talk to her and see what could be done.

Also, I must say since I´ve spent time helping this lady - she is a fantastic person. Although she doesn´t really know anything about Indians and she hasn´t spent time in Native communites - still, she knows ten times as much as any exploiter you meet. She knows what humility is, and respect, and the willingness to give, not just to take. It just shows that the knowledge doesn´t come in books or seminars or a quick-fix workshop. You´ve got it in your heart. Or you haven´t. This woman does what she does to help American Indians with no hidden agendas.

She is just starting on her next essay: about mascots and stereotypes.

Thanks for the link Freija, I read the dissertation and it was really good.

Here's a link to a masters thesis at the University of Tromsø, it's about indigenous people on the new age market and summarizes pretty much everything that is being discussed on this site. It's also very good, but in Norwegian, unfortunately. I'm posting it because I know that we have people who speak scandinavian here :)


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