Author Topic: hypnotist parapsychologist arrested for serial drug rapes in Caracas Venezuela  (Read 7948 times)

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This is an incredibly disturbing news report, I think it is worth sharing here as my understanding is that this kind of crime is very much under-reported.

It also illustrates very clearly some of the dangers inherent in a situation where anyone can set themselves up as a "therapist", using  newage concepts such as parapsychology and discredited methods such as hypnotism.  Also the covert administration of powerful drugs, which IME is a feature of the MO of many of the worst newage predators.

The translation, via google translate, is not great but the story is an important one IMO

Story as follows:

Detain rapist posing as a parapsychologist
Queries "seer" ended up in dozens of sexual abuse

Saturday January 22, 2011   12:00 AM
Los Teques .- Hardly anyone in the building 27 and its surroundings knew Briceño Mario Cano. But in the 2 floor of this building, held a clinic with hypnosis and parapsychology services in the city of Los Teques.

The man, aged 30, who was posing as therapist was captured by the Cicpc after several allegations of rape against him, committed to a dozen of his patients.

Arturo Alzul, supervisor of investigations for the regional branch of the police, explained that the investigation began after allegations by several women who were subjected to forensic tests to check the sexual abuse they suffered.

The course parapsychologist was identified by the security forces then found that he had a warrant for the same cause in Carabobo.

Briceño Cano was wanted since 2006 in this state where they receive numerous complaints of sexual abuse in Valencia. Detectives say the man was traveling through several states of Venezuela, until June last year settled in Los Teques.

According to testimonies of victims, the man offered cures using methods of hypnotism, but it was determined that he slept with the patients using scopolamine, the substance known as "burundanga."

"After simulating hypnosis, relaxation by movements in the face with his hands and read a prayer book, committing the abuse," the police official.

The complaints were filed by victims on different dates in 2010. However, failed to prove the involvement of Briceño, but until a patient awakened ahead of schedule and discovered naked on it.

Service announcement on parapsychology and hypnosis to treat psychological disorders, addictions and emotional problems, is still hanging in the building located between the streets of Ayacucho and Paez Miranda's capital, but Mario Briceño Cano was put behind bars on Thursday.

Your case will be referred to the Court 1 of Carabobo state control, from which handled his transfer to a prison in the country.


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