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Mike O'brien AKA Michael Two Feathers
« on: January 23, 2011, 05:39:41 pm »

I found several articles suggesting that MTF has been active for some time already, also in various European countries.

Some sites mention MTF is working as a building contractor in real life. Since no such sites show up in a netsearch under MTF, this suggests that this does not happen to be his legal name. As I found a discussion from alt.gathering.rainbow mentioning several names for MTF, and an Amazon recension claiming that MTF was involved in the Rainbow Family, we may perhaps assume that his real life name is Michael or Mike Mullen, and he probably also used or still uses the moniker „Spiritrising“.

This article dd 2003 mentions MTF has been active for ten years, i.e. since 1993:

„The message of the Lakota Sioux Indians
'The way I see it, there are two kinds of humans in this world: those who seek purity and truth, and those who have a negative stand towards life, who are pessimistic and full of prejudice. I always knew that something within me seeks this purity. I simply feel better when I'm in this state.'

This is a simple, but clear message from Michael Two-Feathers. The charismatic leader and ambassador of the Lakota nation, Medicine Helper and Sundance Leader teaches the tradition and spirituality of his people. From the Indian nature and animal symbolicism to the meaning and way to do Indian rituals like cleansing ceremony, vision quest and sundance.

In the Indian tradition, intuitive learning by watching and participating in what happens is an everyday thing. In this way, the seminar offers a path to Indian spirituality with all senses. Michael Two-Feathers has participated in various „Sundances“ as a dancer and helper. Since 1995, he is a sundance leader himself. His seminars in Europe are more than just passing knowledge, they invite to a meeting with your own self. To compare our Western (rather short-lived) values with the values of the Lakota which are millenia old is a gain for everybody who gets inspired by a meeting with other worlds.

Michael Two-Feathers today lives in Northern California with his wife Debi and his three children. He is a spiritual mentor of various Indian groups and associations. He earns his living as a self-employed constructor (wood) and employs only Indians. Out of a vision, he has been working for keeping his tradition and culture for ten years now.“

Please also note that his wife goes by the name of Debi in this article.

He is even mentioned in an article in one of the bigger daily papers the same year, although it is not on him, but on several seminar offers for executive managers:


'Tour Extreme' also works with spirituality in combination with music and painting, with the seminar titled „Art & Culture“. But it is not Christian, but Indian wisdom of which executive managers are supposed to profit. In sweatlodges, during open-air ceremonies or during meals, Michael Two-Feathers and his wife Wohpé introduce them to the culture and tradition of the Lakota-Indians. Michael is a Lakota elder, ceremonial leader and spiritual advisor, Wohpé is Lakota and a member of the Pokanoket/Wampanoag Federation of Rhode Island. They want us to pause, to recollect oneself, and to adjust values and norms when dealing with employees and competitors. This also covers basic questions. Those expecting simple answers, however, will be disappointed.

Another article dd 2004 offers some more info on MTF's CV:

„In his childhood, Michael Two-Feathers accompanied his father to a powwow in Oklahoma. His father turned to him and said: 'You're an Indian, too, just like these dancers'. This was the only time his father commented his descent. Only later on, when „Love and Peace“ ruled the spirit of the time, Michael found back to the roots of his Indian culture. In 1969, he affiliated with the squatting of Alcatraz Island and there met other Indians who initiated him into the history of the Lakota and their rituals and ceremonies.

Today, he is a building contractor and dedicates much of his life to the teachings and values he received over the years from Lakota elders like Martin Highbear. So a life without 'inipi', the cleansing ceremony in the sweatlodge, and without sundance, is unimaginable. He has the authorisation of the spirits to lead the sundance.

Meanwhile, he is a respected tribal elder and keeps a close contact to other tribes, also in Canada and Alaska, by whom he is invited regularly.

Since some years, he is supported and accompanied on his long travels by his wife Wohpé. Meeting these two persons will not leave anybody untouched. Their authenticity and their conveying of values guarantee a cheerful, but also profound experience. Michael says: 'You don't have to travel thousands of kilometres to find your own truth. The shortest trip is that from head to heart.'

One dream of those two getting fulfilled by and by is founding Wichozanni Village. Wichozanni is Lakota and means „living healthy“. The Native Village is dedicated to the sacred circle of life as a place of prayer and healing to re-explore the natural harmony with earth.

'We believe we are able to live happier and healthier, and we will, when we keep our earth, our culture and our traditions through the ceremonies and teachings of our natives.'“

Wichozanni Village is MTF's website – most of it is visible for members only.

They give the following information publically:

„At Wichozanni Village, we facilitate different celebrations and ceremonies throughout the year.  Out of respect, we do not advertise them, but you are welcome to personally request information about the types of ceremonies/gatherings that we share. „

Wichozanni Village is the vision of Michael and wohpe'.  Their goal for many years has been to acquire land where they can create a traditional village environment for ceremonial and cultural gatherings where traditional ways of life can be continued for the future generations.

"At Wichozanni Village, we continue to hold onto the ancient beliefs and traditions passed on to us by our family and respected tribal elders".  Michael and wohpe' are both of mixed-blood First Nation Peoples of North America, with the main traditional teachings and influences being from their Lakota heritage.  In 1994, Michael began sharing some of these teachings in Europe at the recommendation of his mentor, Martin High Bear (a lakota medicine man from Cheyenne River, SD).  In 2002 wohpe' began joining him on these annual visits adding traditional woman's teachings. wohpe' is also a tribal member of the Pokanoket/Wampanoag Federation of Rhode Island and for years has also shared the history and stories of her Wampanoag people in schools and at gatherings. They have been invited to share teachings at spiritual and cultural gatherings in Europe and other countries, as well as here on Turtle Island.

Wichozanni Village (as a non-profit organization) was established in California in 2004.
Wichozanni Village is dedicated to the Sacred Circle as a place to find harmony through prayer, through education and through the practice of Living in Health of the Mind, Body & Spirit.
Mitakuye Oyasin (we are all relatives)

As Wohpé happens to be another name for White Buffalo Calf Woman, I suppose her taking this name may be seen as blasphemous.

There are a few ads for ceremonies with MTH to be found online, e.g. from Switzerland, France, and Germany, but I also found a blog from Czechia where they also publish photos of MTH and his wife.

The site of Pascal Cavin offers several nuage practices, like Reiki, massages etc. 

Cavin is also advertising a vision quest and teachings with MTH: 

His intro on MTH:

„Michael Two Feathers is a traditional dancer and spiritual guardian of the Lakota tradition. He is married, a father, a councillor, singer, and has already lead sundances and vision quests.“

The dates for MTH's ceremonies/seminars for 2011:

„Four days, June 12-15, 2011 at Cernex in France (20 minutes from Geneva, 30 minutes from Annecy)

Wohpe, his wife, Lakota and a tribal member of the Pokanoket/Wampanoag federation, is the mother of several children. She has an affection for the traditional arts, e.g. pottery and beadwork.
She is a member of the traditional dance circle of „Robes à clochettes“ (an ancient dance of healing“.

Date list of sweats offered by Cavin, including the 'teachings' and 'vision quest' with MTF.

MTF has also participated in nuage congresses in Europe:

MTF took part in the notorious Rainbow Spirit Festival from May 14-16, 2005, an annual nuage festival hosting ceremony sellers, seminar leaders, so-called healers etc. The 2005 guest list is interesting as it also names one Johannes Holey who is an author of books on esotericism and spirituality, and also the father of Jan Udo Holey aka Jan van Helsing, an exponent of Nazi esoterics in Germany. Holey Sr also used to be CEO of extreme right conspiration theorist internet TV 'secret TV', founded by his son.

Rainbow Spirit festivals are being organized annually since 1994; they are the largest esoteric trade fair and also offer seminars, workshops, concerts, meditations etc.

Perhaps not quite coincidentially then, MTF's CDs are published by Arun publishing house in Germany (cf  ):

„Michael Two-Feathers
Michael Two-Feathers, a charismatic ambassador of the Lakota nation and a sundance leader, personifies the allegory of a spiritual mentor and lively ideal of the vast knowledge of Lakota Sioux culture. Since some years, Michael comes to Europe to pass this knowledge to managers and private persons in workshops and lectures. His teachings and his story-telling as well as the inipis (sweatlodge ceremony) and vision quests are a gift for everybody inspired by Indian culture.

He was born in 1947 on the Philippines as the son of a Lakota and a Hawaiian. His first contact to Indian culture was the squatting of Alcatraz in 1969. This was followed by instructive years with the medicine men Brave Buffalo, Wallace BlackElk, Martin Highbear, Frances Rich, and Godfrey Chips.

From 1986 he is a sundancer, a sundance leader in the tradition of Godfrey Chips since 1995, and a master of ceremonies of various powwows.“

The CD sold by Arun is called „Lakota ritual songs“, although it does not seem available at the moment. It is however still availabe at an internet bookshop where one of the customers wrote in a recension dd March 31, 2005:

„Well, a CD with a booklet advertising a „Training and Event GmbH“ and which also advertizes expensive sweatlodges and vision quests with the artist of this CD I will view with some suspicion. Two-Feathers was born on the Philippines as the son of a Lakota father and a Hawaiian mother, and only came into contact to „Indian culture“ (which one?) in 1969, at the age of 22, and earns his money e.g. with manager workshops and other events, e.g. for the „Rainbow people“. Apart from the fact that there was no and is no individual with the Lakota who was or is in the position of a spiritual ambassador for all, or in a position to speak for all Lakota, I wonder whether today's traditional Lakota wouldn't view Two-Feathers as a „plastic medicine man“.

This is a site listed in Austria with an 'Inipi gallery' showing photos of MTF and a person called Pedro:

Photo No 19 in the Inipi gallery shows „Pedro and Michael Two Feathers“

Another Swiss site, a collection of articles on promotional work done by the site maintainers:

„Espresso, Oct 20, 1998

For him, Michael, and Jill it was a great experience to be in Switzerland. „Therefore we have brought a gift for people“, says Michael Two Feathers. He is speaking of the sweatlodge ceremony, a cleansing ritual for body and mind which he will do with and for the Swiss families [i.e. the participants].

„We don't do this ceremony for payment. This is against our tradition“, the Lakota Indian explains. He adds with a whimsical smile: „We may accept gifts in return.“

When Michael is not busy building a sweatlodge with Swiss people, he works in the USA as a building contractor. Furthermore, he is engaged very much in his tribe as a traditional dancer, „Medicine Helper“, a combination of councillor, natural healer, therapist, and ceremonial master, as well as the head of the sundancers.“

MTF also seems to have 'initiated' other persons to do ceremonies. At this site, a person going by the name of Sun Pedro is mentioned, and he is selling sweats:

„Inipi leader
Sun Pedro received his initiation and authorisation for doing sweatlodge rituals in traditional Lakota way from his Indian mentor Michael Two Feathers, a traditional master of ceremonies of the Lakota Indians.

The Fees:

Per particpant and sweatlodge ceremony: € 45 for participation, rent of premises, wood
Children up to the age of 15 will participate for free.

Optional cost:
Accomodation on mattress in dorm: € 19 incl. visitor's tax and breakfast
Accomodation in tent: € 9 incl. visitor's tax and breakfast
Dinner after sweatlodge: € 7“

I also found this site which seems to indicate a connection to the Nemenha Band and Native American Traditional Organization which has been discussed at NAFPS already
(cf ):

Maka Oyate
Sundance Native American
Religious Ceremony
Environmental Assessment

Bureau of Land Management
Ashland Resource Area
Medford District Office
3040 Biddle Road
Medford, OR 97504

„1. Purpose and Need
Chapter 1 introduces a proposal to issue a three-year authorization to the Maka Oyate Sundance
Lodge of the Nemenhah, Nemenhah Band and Native American Traditional Organization,
Oklevueha Native American Church of Sanpete (Maka Oyate Sundance Society)
for the
purposes of conducting an annual Sundance Native American religious ceremony within the
Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. It begins with an introduction to the analysis,
background information about the proposal, followed by an explanation of the need for action
and a statement of the proposed action developed.“

1.3 Background
„ … On July 7, 2006, the BLM met with Gerald Skelton, Culture and Heritage Director of the
Klamath Tribes, several Klamath Tribal elders and members of the Maka Oyate Sundance
Society. John Snider of Congressman Walden’s staff also attended the meeting at which the
Klamath Tribe’s representative stated that the Klamath Tribe considers the site to be a “sacred
area” and that the Klamath Tribes considers Michael Two Feathers, of the Maka Oyate Sundance
Society, to be an authoritative representative of an Indian religion

Emphasis added by me.

I also found a link to a 2007 discussion on alt.gathering.rainbow:

In the header, MTF is also addresses as 'Mike Mullen' and 'Spiritrising':

BeeJay Rainbow answers in response to Mike Mullin, Aka Mike Two-
Feathers, also known as Spiritrising' s request to ask the forest
service before we gather for the Missouri Regional the permission to
gather and form an operational plan with the Pigs and the
FS..otherwise invite them to council

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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2011, 12:18:41 am »
Medicine men Brave Buffalo??? What my great grandfather has been dead for almost a 100 years now!
Micheal Two Feather is a white man who claimed back in the day to be adopted by a Lakota, I have even talked with him on the phone, He is not a speaker for the Lakota Nation he does not represent us as a nation and he host nothing but newager.
In Spirit

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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2011, 09:03:45 am »
I have found mention of him coming to the Czech Republic in 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2009. In one of the advertisements the organizer states that all fees will be used only to cover the expenses of the flight ticket and stay of Michael and his family in the CR.

One webpage advertises “a meeting with traditional Lakota culture” without mentioning the year, but most probably it was in 2009. Two sweatlodges were part of the program, separately male and female. This is what the page says of him (my translation):

Michael, a master of ceremony of the Lakota (Sioux) and the leader of the Sun Dance ceremony brings with his wife Wohpe the possiblity to learn about the traditional as well as contemporary Lakota culture. We will speak about male rituals and female ceremonies, about ancient teachings on contemporary life, Lakota songs will be sung. Through their traditions, Michael and Wohpe will help us remember our own roots.
Michael and Wohpe are mostly influenced by the teachings of the Lakota tribe, they both have the blood of the Indigenous peoples of Northern America in them. Upon the instruction of his Lakota teacher Martin High Bear, Michael began to travel to Europe in 1994. In 2002, his wife Wohpe joined him with the traditional female teaching. Wohpe is also a member of the Pokanoket/Wampanoag Federation of Rhode Island and lectures on the history and stories of the Wampanoag people at schools and meetings. It has been their intention for many years to obtain land and create a traditional Wichozanni Village and to create environment for cultural gatherings and ceremonies and to preserve original traditions for future generations.

This is the blog Ingeborg mentions that shows their pictures. It gives the year of 2009 and most probably describes the event advertised above (same town, same school).

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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2011, 10:33:06 am »
he is running a seminar in duebbekold from the 24.06 t0 the 26.of june
at joachim irmers place there are smart enough not to put pricetaxes on anymore

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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2011, 03:20:36 pm »
Michael Two Feathers and Whope are frauds. He is Hawaiian and Irish and she is white. she claims to be a memeber of the state recognized wamponoag but only recelntly did the wamponoag receive recognition from the federal government. She is a member of a group of wannabes . He danced under highbear telling him he was lakota when in fact he was not. martin believed him. the dance was entrusted to his care to keep martins vision intact. since tht time it has been usurped to build a spiritual following of europeans for themselves. they are paid handsomely to travel in europe each year promoted as lakota tribe members. Neither are lakota. he does not speak lakota, he memorizes terms and phrases from cds and books. He and she add things to ceremony to suit the following they are creating. His real name is Michael Obrien and she is Debbie Marinez. His second wife <jill refused to mislead people by< pouring sweats and after having an affair which she intiitated they came together and began building this dream they call wichozanni village. they have used funds from the donations for personal use. her income is ssi of less than 700 a month and he only began recieving ss of the same amount last year. the dsnce one held over 1000 people but is now less thatn a hundred. mostly europeans who follow them in europe. martin made it clear that one had to work the fire 4 years before dancing now anyone from europe has only to ask and they come dance. they get several thousands in donations in germany alone. cash money handed tothem they do not report. also in america . anyone who confronts them are labelled as sex abusers. including high bear, redleaf, augie gray fox, and charles fasthorse. an actual quote from her was that she : had the right to protect her family even if it included lying. her dream of being a spiritual leader was an idea that she formed at the pow wows where she danced in paradise california. where she first met him. she told several women then that she was going to have him even though both were married. this is witnessed by several people. more than two dozen people have come forward with stories of how this all unfolded.  she also told me that because she was with him that anything she did would be believed. . he is not who he says he is. as fasthorse put it, he has charisma. he is a gossiper and not anything that people are saying here of being a trible elder or member. nor is she. they take bits from books. she uses tilda long soldier as a source of her 8 women ways . i spoke with tilda and spent 3 days with her last year. she was offended that someone would take her personal message and turn it to a lakota teaching for ego. the marriages they perform are a sham, and the counselling they give also. they also take peoples prayers from inipi to use against them. he shares everything with her. men should be safe in ini not have their words taken out to give to her. he calls his sundance elder a goat who is led around by a ring in his nose by his wife who is the sundance mother. it is sick. these people have a good appearance of being so spiritual and so in love while around ceremony but the rest of the time they fight . its all bullshoot. coyote leggings. liars and thieves who should be prosecuted for tax evasion, money laundering thru the village site, cultural theft, and conspiracy. three other dances ha e formed because the people who know all this are shunned. but if you are european and have some money you are welcomed. martin is ashamed of this man for what he has done. the dreams she claims to have are anything but. she stirs the pot behind his back then claims to have seen what was coming. they also lied about fasthorse, a genuine lakota medicine man as he was going to return the dance to the nation. THESE PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS DO NOT SUPPORT THEM.  instead contact your representative to have them prosecuted and all who support them in it. a book is being written about all of this in detail complete with people who are willing to testify in court as to the truth of this.
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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #5 on: January 28, 2011, 02:44:15 pm »

Starboy, I would like to reply publically to your PM:

i see u are promoting MTF as a genuine lakota and his wife debbie. Are you willing to testify in federal court to your knowledge of them ?

I did not promote MTF in any way, I published info found during an internet research on MTF, and translated contents I found on German and French language sites. I'm not responsible for what nuagers claim MTF may or may not be.

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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #6 on: January 28, 2011, 04:19:43 pm »

Starboy, I would like to reply publically to your PM:

i see u are promoting MTF as a genuine lakota and his wife debbie. Are you willing to testify in federal court to your knowledge of them ?

I did not promote MTF in any way, I published info found during an internet research on MTF, and translated contents I found on German and French language sites. I'm not responsible for what nuagers claim MTF may or may not be.

I'd go a little further and say Ingeborg's post exposes them.  Not promotes them.
We all make mistakes though.


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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #7 on: January 31, 2011, 12:07:10 pm »
thank you.. i misunderstood the cntent.. i will be more attentive in the future.. and i think the second of ur exposing them is right as well..

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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #8 on: April 04, 2011, 11:12:57 am » 26 june seminar and sweat
at joachim irmers place dübbekold
found under facebook Dübbekold
295 Euro

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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #9 on: April 04, 2011, 02:46:18 pm »

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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #10 on: August 29, 2011, 08:33:43 pm »
MTF/Cullen/Mullen/Obrien's wife contacted me several times. I offered to submit a statement from her, asking her to clear up what others have charged the two of them with doing. She refuses (so far at least) to even discuss. In one of the most bizarre Nuage statements I've ever heard, claims "debates don't promote truth."

Here are the emails between us. First her, then me, then her again, then me again. While I'm reluctant to post her possible smear of someone, it is revealing that she would do so. And if there were any truth to it, then she would have followed up with the evidence she claimed to have.


From: wohpe twofeathers
> Subject: Slander
> Date: Saturday, August 27, 2011, 12:36 AM

I was very surprised to find misrepresented and totally out of content information (lies) you allow to be posted about my family on your website. We agree that there are many people taking advantage of our native way of life, including natives, but for anyone to slander people based on some articles found here and there on the internet and open forums is very sad.  You are not the creator,the elders of my family or any of the tribes of mine or my husbands family, therefor, with all respect, you have no place to self appoint yourselves our (or anyone's judges).  We have no difficulty providing legitimate organizations or individuals who may have concerns, contact with our tribal family and/or council.  Had you taken the time to ask us directly, you would understand our story and our commitments to our way of life, our family, tribes and to all people of mother earth before trying to put shame on us with total disregard to truth. In my opinion,
> compiling misrepresentations based on other misrepresentations is not very professional or the native way.  Our email address is made available to the public so people can contact us.  The post by someone calling himself starboy, well, we believe we know who he is, a man who used our family for financial and spiritual support and then was asked to leave because of his lies and theft, like some others have done also.  This man was exposed and we told him to leave us, and now it seems he found your site a perfect venue to spread his anger.  So much is lies and twisted opinions, and i would otherwise not even bother to respond to a site like yours. However, it is so terrible what you have allowed on your site that I feel it crosses the line of freedom of your opinion, and is on a level of slander.  By my contact, it is my hope that you retract starboy's slander and misrepresenations and contact us directly so that you can have better information
> before seeking out to condemn people who you don't really know anything about.  You may be interested to know that this man (who sounds to be your starboy) has a police case on file because of his abuse towards us, and if we find it necessary to pursue this, which i hope wont come to that, I hope you will cooperate with the authorities with his information that he used to access your site).  I hope to speak with you directly in the near future.  Ps, Like many natives (and non natives) I have more than one name. I did not choose or give myself any of them, or the name most common to me now, which has other meanings than what you claim is blasphemy.  If you can find a lakota dictionary you can find that out.  It makes me very sad that some of the people have taken this kind of approach towards each other.


> Hello,
> We always welcome any and all additional information which may clear up these matters. You or others are welcome to post a statement on the site and to engage in debate or discussion with the members.
> Or if you wish we can post a statement from you, the email below if you choose.
> Note that the discussion of Mr. Twofeathers (variously identified as Cullen, Mullen, or Obrien) happened from 8 to 5 months ago. You were always free to join in that discussion as was any supporter of his.
> Note that the critics of him include several Lakota, not one. One of the critics is a relative of Brave Buffalo and a respected member of a Lakota tribal government.
> The criticism also comes from:
> MTF's own websites or other sites advertising him selling ceremony and seminars
> His association or membership in the Rainbow Tribe cult
> Association with frauds and racists (including a neo Nazi)
> Association with a dangerous cult calling itelf Nemenhah Band
> Falsely claiming training from a number of Lakota medicine people
> Falsely presenting himself as Lakota to Martin Highbear
> Falsely claiming the right or authorization to teach others ceremony
> "Franchising" out the right to do ceremony to Europeans without proper training
> And finally, falsely claiming to be Lakota when he is actually Irish, by some accounts Hawaiian as well.
> You have also been accused by several people of falsely claiming to be Native when you are white, or that the organization you are part of is dubious.
> All of these are quite serious, and I personally (and likely the majority of the forum) make no claim as to the truth of these accusations until we know more. MTF is listed under Research Needed because there is not yet enough information.
> Again, we would welcome any further information which could clear these matters up.
> Regardless of  your opinion of those making the accusations, there is still the obvious matter of all the advertising involving MTF selling ceremony all across Europe repeatedly.
> Al Carroll, moderator


From: wohpe twofeathers
Subject: Re: Slander
Date: Saturday, August 27, 2011, 7:26 AM

Debates do not promote truth.  If you would like to clear up the lies and twisted information you have presented to the people who read your site, wouldn't it be appropriate to introduce yourselves so we know who you (all) are and why you choose to post serious things on the internet before getting facts straight?  If you do truly seek truth, please show some courage and introduce yourselves and we can continue from there.


Who I am is all over the site. I've always been quite open about that. I'm actually pretty surprised you didn't already see that information.
What you seem to wish to do is change the subject and avoid answering serious questions about the credibility and ethics of the two of you.
If you fear debate, there may be little hope of any actual discussion. So it seems you would rather allow people to believe (alleged) misconceptions or supposed "slander" rather than take the time to correct them.
This is so far and away from the behavior of actual medicine people or any American Indians it inclines me to believe much if not all of the criticisms are correct.
After all, what reason could a person have for avoiding mentioning if their actual legal last name is Cullen or Mullen other than hiding something?
We remain open to posting any public statement you wish. In the meantime, since it shows a great deal about the [ethics of the] two of you, these emails will be posted.
Al Carroll, moderator

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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #11 on: August 30, 2011, 02:02:06 pm »
Thank u Al, what these people are doing is wrong as a person who is Lakota they do not
represent me nor do they have premission to represent our nation, before they make a claim
like that i want to see the permission from all the 14 Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Nation in the
United States and the 9 in Canada that says they have permission.
Two Feather dose not have the right to use my family name nor do they have the rights to
do ceremonies under our name.
In Spirit

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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #12 on: September 09, 2011, 02:54:05 am »

this link says it all.. check all the pages to see.. the post by wohpe are lies as expected thanks.. whirlwind number one...

" Our Offering goes out to all Natural Healers of Good Intention. If you are willing to publicly declare that Natural Healing comprises part of your Spiritual Orientation, that you will First Do No Harm, and that you will work to further the work of perfecting and unifying the Band and the fulfilling of its mission, promising your support for its services and offerings, you are invited to become part of our Permanent Population through the ancient Principle of Spiritual Adoption. "

from the nemenhah statement of what they are about.. so much for good intention,.
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Re: Michael Two Feathers
« Reply #13 on: September 10, 2011, 01:37:37 pm »
MTF's wife emailed again, this time admitting or claiming they actually hadn't had contact with anyone in the Brave Buffalo family since 1986.

A supporter of theirs going only by "Ki Ki" emailed an account which had mostly a lot of detail of their own life. I'm posting the useful parts. Following is my response.


....The following words that I write are factual and come from my own actual historical experience.  They are not a re-tell of what someone else has relayed to me, nor are they an interpretation of what someone else’s thoughts and opinions are.  They are not meant to persuade any reader to pick a side of right or wrong, but if a historical event must be told then let it be told with facts....

....As years passed I like others spent time talking with and learning from Martin Highbear.  Martin always spoke highly of Michael Two Feathers, and on numerous occasions Martin  directed myself or others with me to Michael regarding questions we had or information we needed on a specific thing.  Martin considered Michael to be his main helper, stated to me personally that Michael knew and lived these ways and could be trusted. Through my experience with Michael I found those words to be true.
I read on the site where someone posted that people in Europe were charging money for things associated with ceremony,  and it was said that Michael was involved in this.  I can tell you that years ago I was present when Martin spoke to Michael Two Feathers about going to Europe to help our relatives there learn and understand these ways.  It was Martin who asked Michael to go.  Martin spoke about how we were all related and how it was equally important that the four nations of mankind (red, black, white, and yellow) learn these ways and help one another.   I cannot speak for what people in Europe say or do as I have not been present in that country to witness it for myself.  However, I can say this;   I have personally met numerous people from all over Europe as they have traveled to this country to attend ceremony.   I believe from my conversation with those individuals that some of what may have happened is due to a difference in culture and also contributed to by a language barrier.  Well meaning people from all over Europe in their effort and eagerness to learn these ways sometimes chose improper ways to try to raise money that would assist individuals such as Michael and others in coming to their country to help them learn.   It is also important to note that Michael is not the only person to have been asked to share his knowledge of these ways to the European people.  I sat and listened personally to fascinating stories Wallace Black Elk  told about his travels there.   He also spoke about the cultural differences and the language barrier and how it sometimes resulted in well meaning people doing something that is not traditionally acceptable.  Even Wallace taught that we should have compassion for these people and help them to learn the proper ways to do these things....

.... Michael’s actions with all he comes into contact with clearly demonstrate that he does not support charging fees in any form for ceremony and the actions of those people and whether or not they chose to use his name in an endeavor does not mean that Michael Two Feathers agrees with them or that he condones it any more than it meant that Wallace or any other person does....

....I read in the posts on the site where Star boy posted all of the less than honest information about Michael Two Feathers, that Michael is affiliated with the Nemenha.  Once again this information while out there, is not quite accurate.  In all truth it is my fault that the Namenha name is associated with the Maka Oyate dance.  Several years ago there was an issue with the land where Wallace first brought the ceremonies to the people, and where Martin held ceremonies, and where Michael has continued to hold the ceremonies with the approval of many highly recognized leaders and members of the native community.  The government felt that after all the years of ceremony held on that land, that is was no longer going to give approval for ceremony to be held on that land.  At the time they gave notice to the people that the current year this all happened was going to be the last year ceremony could be held on that land.  I was instructed to “stand and hold that land sacred”.  I did not know how I was supposed to do that, nor did I know where to begin, but I trusted spirit.  It took a lot of hard work, and many many hours of speaking with officials from all levels as well as lots of written documents.  During the year long process I had offers from some agencies, groups, and organizations to assist in that battle.  The Namenha was one such organization.  At the time I had not heard of some of these groups or organizations before but was willing to accept the help from any source trying not to limit any resources that spirit may put on my path to hold the land sacred for the people.  It was not until further into the hard work of holding the land sacred for the people that I learned that some of those groups were not ideal or in sync with our purpose.  So you see Michael had nothing to do with the association to the Namenha at all.  It was me who in my innocence at the time who created that temporary association....


Thank you for the information. We always appreciate any further facts on these topics. We will post the parts of your accounts that are useful.
By way of clarification, it is MTF himself who sells ceremony in Europe.
It is MTF himself who has him listed as a member of the Nemenhah exploiters cult, the same group led by a convicted con man who recently faced criminal charges for denying cancer treatment to a minor.
And incidentally, Wallace "Black Elk" (Not his actual name. The actual Black Elk family denounced him for pretending to be related to them.) was an exploiter and widely regarded as such, a man who sold ceremony and preached nonsense like Atlantis. While some regarded him well for his work with AIM in the 1970s, by the 80s and until his death he was widely regarded as a pay to pray type.
We have consulted with elders and others, which you can see if you had actually read the thread and not relied on second hand information. The Brave Bull family says MTF is lying about him training MTF. Looking Horse also does not endorse MTF. And MTF apparently lied to Martin Highbear about his background. MTF's wife continues to refuse to answer questions about MTF's actual name and background. He is NOT Lakota.

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Re: Michael Two Feathers
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the letter by this KI KII seems to be an extension  of wohpe.. he it well versed.. or rehearsed i should say.. as her involvement with dance has not been as she claims.. there is no obession with wohpe .. that is a diversion to create a martyr and divert attention away from the issue .. stealing a lakota sundance ceremony t build a spiritual portfolio for themselves.. there are many people involved in it and apparently it seems that KI KI may be one of them...

the matter at hand is clear as there are many instances in print for years of his selling ceremony and the lies created to spread gossip of whomever goes against them to tell the truth.. including real medicine men and common people as well..

as noted on this page the thread was started by a european years ago.. so already they were being found out.. i have been contacted by more than 60 people here and abroad with there experience as KI KI  states of their treatment of them.. from being labeled as sex predators to abusers.. how is that for a humble man ? from women who knew her from her pow wow days to men who dance with him at mt hood.. all want their voices back .. the type of gossip they spread is heinous as it destroys the credibility within the community.. a very effective weapon... having a few token elders helped to provide cover does not provide a good cover.. against the many who have come forward stating the cash handed to them for which there is no record of  to the threats of bodily harm.. dave chiefs wife gave a story, red leaf gave many, fasthorse, to name a few.. also people involved in her life before she was even a part of the dance, from her former womens circle to memebers ot the pow wow committee.. all with the statement that they were willing to testify under oath if it were needed.. the singer who was living with them making a statement of what really happened when they got together.. shall all of that become public forum ? i state all of this now to show how the issue is being handled by them to make it be an issue of personal attacks rather than the one of stealing ceremony for personal gain..  the fact is that this reply by KI KI is nothing more than a well rehearsed extension of another person meant to confuse the facts.. some of which are...

fasthorse was eliminated from a lakota ceremony by a lie to insure their cult status.. godfrey chipps was used to try to keep a war between them.. godfrey in a conversation said this recently " it is god that all of this gets out, the people need to hear this ".. KI KI claims to have been a party to chi;ps conversations are an outright lie which further proves that her information is coached by someone else..btw fasthorse was one of many principal players in the writing of AIRFA .. testifying before congress .. he is a real lakota medicine .. by blood.. by treaty. fools crow was a man who came for coffee in the morning with his mom.. do u see ? the words and deeds of people who are not lakota trying to pass as lakota are simply grabbing for straws.. the BIA, Rep Walden and the Klamath tribe have all verified that they do not endorse these people.. those who do have been misled... and the voices of those who do silenced by gossip .. an apology by a humble man and a retraction would go a long way to make matters better .. the basic line here is this .. they are messing with the powers.. THEY WENT BETWEEN THE POWERS AND THE PIPE IN LYING ABOUT THESE THINGS..  which again shows clearly they have no knowledge of lakota cosmology... they have no instructions.. the powers did not give them a bundle. the claim of chipps doing so is not so true.. i was told by him that he cannot do that.. also as for martin.. michael was one of many helpers.. the falling out came from that time.. that is when the camp split ... so she needs to get "her" facts straight.. mebbe talk to them again before she types a letter to a forum tell of "her" experience...

the info of my experience starts from the redwind days with brave buffalo and highbear.. think about that before you speak..
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