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David Graeme Littlejohn AKA David Sitting Owl
« on: June 30, 2015, 03:52:46 pm »
Got a request about him. Exploiter living in Australia. He is briefly mentioned in the John Lekay threads, where Lekay claimed he was a Native elder. Teaches a hodgepodge of faux Lakota, faux Toltec, and Nuage ideas about generic NDNs.

Sites are mostly rants about Australia being a slavery corporation, sounding much like sovereign citizen ideology. He illegally built without a permit, got a minor fine, and ranted for half a dozen articles.

He runs sweatlodges that seem to gather perhaps 100 white Australians each year.
They claim it's sanctioned by Native elders.
$33 per year membership fee.

Youtube channel, mostly fluffy Franklin Mint images, a few with cheesecake photos.

These are his photos, mostly he doesn't post them on his spirchul sites.