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Linda Berry/"White Raven Calling"/
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I first came across this one a while back. Because I was curious what her response would be, I e-mailed her asking where  what Nation she was claiming to be from, who trained her to do what she does, etc. Not surprisingly I received no response. I forwarded her link to AIM, but I don't know how much time they have to dedicate to people like this since there's so many of them out there. I would surmise it's a lot like playing one of those whack-a-mole games...every time you knock one down, two more pop up.

Linda Berry/"White Raven Calling" of California, offers "spiritual marketing" (aren't the two kind of mutually exclusive?) and a number of other New Agey sounding things. First of all, she's got a .org URL, but she's charging money for "spiritual readings", "astrology consultations" and the like.

Along with her marketing prowess, she offers:

Medicine Walk/"Spiritual Native Indian Readings"

Linda Berry's Spiritual Tarot Readings are different from other types of
Tarot readings because they are spiritually based. The person's "higher self"
greatly assists in this reading by giving information to be reveiled in their
life at the present time. Therefore, there is no fortune telling or predicting
during the Spiritual Tarot Reading, it is a very focused reading based on what
the individual needs to know NOW in their life.

Spiritual Tarot creates a window into the deeper, often hidden aspects of an
a current situation in the individual's life. It delves beneath the surface
of what is going on to illuminate hidden causes, beneficial approaches,
subconscious motives, or ouside influences the person in unable to see.
This type of Spiritual Reading can be very integral to gaining a deeper
understanding of what is occuring at this particular time, acting like a
mirror, showing the individual what they need to know NOW in their life!

She specializes in several different types of Tarot Readings. A few of
the most popular are listed below. Linda will consult with her client
and choice which type of Spiritual Tarot Reading would best suit their
needs at the time of the Spiritual Reading. A Private Reading (in-person
or over the phone) with Linda Berry will require $50.00 and this does
include an audio tape of the entire Spiritual Tarot Reading and will
take 45 minutes to one hour. If over-the-phone the tape of reading
will be mailed for an additional $5.00.

And my personal favorite, the "Native Indian Training" (I didn't know one could be trained to be a "Native Indian"  ;D):

Spiritual Discovery™ owner, Linda Berry is offering a Native Indian Training
Program which includes eight two-hour one-on-one Sessions. It will be held at the
Spiritual Discovery™ Training Center in La Mesa, California (10 minutes
east of Downtown San Diego). This Program is open to all those who are interested in
discovering the traditions and customs of Native Indians from several parts of the
world, the history of Native Indian Spirituality, learning the basic healing and
cleansing techniques of Native Indian Shamanism, knowing how to use and construct a
Saging Wand, Small Rattle, and Healing & Prayer Bundles, and discovering more about the
mystical Moon and "Mother Earth." Students will enjoy a unique, informative, and
educational Training Program with instructor, Linda Berry - "White Raven Calling."

4710 Hillcrest Avenue * La Mesa, California 91941
Contact: 619-507-6395 * Email:

Fee for the full Training Program is $400, and if paid in full by the first Session it will be reduced
to $375 (please note: there are no refunds on full course payments). Students may also pay weekly
at $50 for each Two-Hour Session. Each student is required to purchase minimal supplies to construct
above mentioned items (or they may use items from around the house and/or found in nature).
A supply list will be given at the first Session and students may purchase (or already have)
supplies on their own or through the instructor. Call 619-507-6395 for Registration and
additional information or click on the link below and Register NOW, spaces are limited!