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The forum at the aove website is great for people who have a "family story" of an Indian ancestor (usually Cherokee).

The people at the forum at the above site do REAL historic research of old documents to discover what hiappened to Indian tribes that have been declared extinct basically, east of the Appalachians, mostly in Virginia and the Carolinas, but also all the adjacent states.


You would be supprised of the Many People Involved with the Saponi  Research !
I know of atleast 6 people In Ohio .

The state recogized "Occoneeche Band of Saponi Indians" of North Carolina have done a great deal of research on their relatives in Ohio. I can not speak for them but my perception is there are in Ohio people known as "Carmel Indians" whom the Occoneechee can historically document back to themselves on the NC/Va border.

The Occoneechee, Saponi, Eno, Sara (Cheraw), Monacan, and Tutelo are really like different bands of one people, and that makes it confusing. The most likely explanation (for which evidence exists) for the "Melungeons" is these are from the same eastern Siouan people. I was very skeptical at first, but there are documents to back it up. They were also called "Piedmont Catawba" as they ar related to the Catawba. The Monacan in Va is also state recognized. I have ancestors who came from the exact region these people are in today with common surnames to the Monacan.

One controversial viewpoint on the website is the "Eastern Blackfoot" tag. Supposedly there is a document "somewhere" showing after Fort Christianna (early 18th century) was closed that the Saponi there asked their name be collectively changed from "Saponi (as many at the fort were not Saponi) to "Blackfoot". There is a "Blackfoot Town" in Md and a "Blackfoot Church" in Indiana, and this corresponds to a period when all Indian people East of the Mississippi were being pushed or  migrating west. So that is the direction of the research at the present. Is this "true"? But it very definitely "could be". I just don't know. But it would explan family stories that have generally been rediculed so far. This research is being performed by people trying to find the truth and they are not trying to con anyone.

I have become convinced many Indian people in NC, Va, WVa, Oh, and Ky who say they are "Cherokee" are really descended from these Eastern Siouan peoples. They were pretty much assimilated even before the Revolutionary War. About 1730 or 40 (guesing) the Six Nations invited them to Canada (whre they are known collectively as Tutelo) and many went from NC and Va up to Canada, where they were incorporated into the Cayuga. They are there to this day. The last speaker of the Tutelo language died in Canada.

I am generally not fond of unrecognized tribes and am also skeptical of state recognized tribes, and it took a while for me to buy into all this.

These people have put a lot of work into their research.


I'm Mike Walton and
I feel very Hornored that over the past 2 decades
I have Seen the Monacans grow -Visit them - Spend
time with Sam Cook who has helped in tribal history & B Lloyd there minister  And Karnne Wood story teller  I hope to be able Health permitting returning
to Bear Mountain and go to either there Pow-wow
or fall Homecoming !
The Saponi .. yes research has been a key issue
with many people .. I know all to Well I'm Saponi
Rick Haithcock is a distant cousin "We" have lot's of Roots and people in Ohio , My fathers mother was
a Collins .. Both Walton and Collins are Saponi
names  !
Another researcher is Professor Ariy Dixon of N.Y.
he has also visited Ohio many times !
It's Nice to see someone interested ! Thanks


Howdy -- good to meet you. I live in Oklahoma and have rarely been back east. This June I am gonna travel to Virginia for the first time. I'd love to meet some of those Monacan as so many of my surnames seem to be from that region. Great grandpa was Jeff Richey. His mother was a Wayland whose anestors came from Scott Co. Va -- and were memebers of that Melungeon Church (Stoney Creek). Jeffs grandparents were John Richey and Mary Wood. Mary's parents were John Wood and Polly Dickson/Dixon. John's parents were Joseph Wood/s and Mary Hamilton. They lived in Rockbridge Co Va and before tha Albemarle Co in 1760-70. Where Monacan are found today is Rockbridge Co and Amherst Co -- and Amherst was formed from Albemarle Co. There is a Solomon Richey listed in Amherst Co. VA as a FPC -- as all these surnames are from the same area the Monacans are from, and all these surnames (Dickson, Wood, Hamilton, with Rchey's from thre as FPC and Waylands in a Melungeon community nearby) are known Monacan surnames. An "Anderson Griffith" married one of my Wayland relations, and Anderson and Griffith are both listed as Monacan surnames .

Mike, Feel free to email me personally --



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