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I am Leo van Kints, president of the Netherlands Association for North American Indians. This association was founded almost 35 years ago by my mother (Maria, who is now 92 years of age and still the most active member).
NANAI was founded in 1972, to give information to the Dutch people about the situation of the Indian Nations in the US and Canada. We started with four people and now we have an organization with 1500 donors. I think that I can say that we are a 'No Nonsense Organization’. I am sorry to say, that in this time here in Holland and many more European Countries there are many groups that pretend to talk on behalf of the Indians, out of respect for them. Yeah, yeah...

NANAI has two mottos. The first is: ‘Honor the dead by helping the living’ and the second one is: ‘THE Indian does not exist’. Especially the last one makes some people wonder. 'I have seen them in Florida, Disney Indians, so the do exist...'.

We issue six Newsletters a year with news, background information, new books etc. NANAI imports books from the US on many Native subjects. We have hundreds of titles in our collection. Twice a year we issue the magazine NANAI Notes, partly in full color in which we deal with a special theme. One of the subjects that keeps coming back is the wrongful use of Indian ceremonies and religion. So I was very pleased last year to hear from Trisha about the book 'They call us Indians'.

NANAI started a book fund for Indian students, who are in a study process at College or University, but might drop out because there is no money for books. This year we could help 12 students already and the fund is growing.

Every year we invite Native speakers to talk on our annual day and other events. Our guests this year in June will be Dr. Henrietta Mann, Phillis Young and her daughter Tipiziwin, Franci Taylor and Trisha Jacobs. In July Al Carroll will promote the book 'They call us Indians' here in Holland and Belgium.

-I 4 C- International Cross Cultural Competency Center , a meeting point for the Indiginous people of the world.