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From Nathan Cowlishaw
« on: February 18, 2005, 05:37:31 am »
For those of you that don't know me, I'm Nate. To everyone else: I've been living, and going to school in Flagstaff, Arizona, for over a month now. I left Southern Utah, and I am enjoying my time here.

I'm also taking a Navajo History class at Coconino Community College. I told my professor, Tony Joe, about NAFPS in a class discussion, and he was pretty interested afterwards. He invited me to something? I think it's friday night... That's the latest related news!

I've also been taking Anthropology courses, and so far, I'm planning on majoring in it, or even going for my Masters. Who knows? I haven't had this much fun with school though. Nothing else has compared to my experience so far.

Flagstaff is an escape from Mormonville, and the town is a pretty place. There's alot of new agers here, and in Sedona though!!! It wasn't that bad in S. Utah. There's a lot of diversity here too. The weather is hectic, but tolerable. I love the Ponderosa Pines!

The only other bad news: I'm forced to work at a telemarketing firm; Sturner and Klein, selling AOL, and badgering people during suppertime! :(