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Debunkersrule dissapeared


Lucille's group seems to have jus disappeared from Yahoogroups. Anyone have any idea how that happened?

It's still there. She's still talking to herself... Now she's debunking tarot cards...

I think that Yahoo's search engine is screwed up. Every once in awhile I go by there to see if she has come up with a new rant, and I have this feature in my browser that saves old searches, and that is how I go there. So it said that the group didn't exist. I saw her new post. No one but she ever posts there. But she said that someone had put something in the files and she was going to delete it, only the files are not public, so no telling what that was.

I remember that people used to say, "If you talk to yourself, that's okay.  But if you start answering yourself, then you have a problem!" But I think that is wrong. If you don't answer yourself, who will?!


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