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Defend the Sacred:
There have been a number of good responses to this by Native writers, notably, Indigenous women in academia. Here's the ones I have at hand:

No, Andrea Smith is not the “Native American Rachel Dolezal” by Erica Violet Lee (Cree)

Latest Ethnic Fraud in Indian Country, or When does Exposing Ethnic Fraud Become a Witch-hunt? by Dina Gilio-Whitaker (Colville descendant)

Honest Injuns*: Policing Native Identity in the Wake of Rachel Dolezal by Taté Walker (Mniconjou Lakota)

I refuse to accept that exposing someone who is deliberately lying about their heritage, especially those in positions of potential influence, to be a witch hunt. Just associating the term with the work being done here and other places is disingenuous and extremely counterproductive to Natives controlling our narrative, in my opinion.

Defend the Sacred:
I wouldn't characterize it as a witch hunt, either. It's an ongoing issue and people have been in dialogue about Andrea's situation for many years now.

People like Whetstone are quickly finding out there are legal ramifications to being fakers profiting of our culture. Their new tactic will be avoiding the dialog, they're seeing that it's biting them in their butts! OH-- And I meant to specify that I disagreed with Gilio-Whitakers blog, not the fact that you posted it, Yells. :)

 Open Letter From Indigenous Women Scholars Regarding Discussions of Andrea Smith

". . .  Smith’s self-acknowledged false claims and lack of clarity on her own identity perpetuate deeply ingrained notions of race—black, white, and Indian—that run counter to indigenous modes of kinship, family, and community connection. When she and others continue to produce her as Cherokee, indigenous, and/or as a woman of color by default, they reinforce a history in which settlers have sought to appropriate every aspect of indigenous life and absolve themselves of their own complicity with continued dispossession of both indigenous territory and existence. . ."


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