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I enjoyed reading earthw7's post. Especially about those who have native blood through ancestors. My husband has native blood in his lineage. He never boasts about because it goes back to a great-great-great-great grandmother(paternal mother's side) who was 1/4 Cherokee. It would be ridiculous if he did(he's a very quiet person anyway). He never even talks about it because he is mostly English with some Dutch and Irish ancestry. He would never even THINK about claiming he was Cherokee. He was never raised native and knows very little about the tribe. He would never disrespect the Cherokee people. However, we both think it is interesting that an ancestor was Cherokee. Unfortunately we don't know more about this woman. I'm sure if we had the opportunity to connect with the Cherokees and find out more about his ancestor we would do it. We don't even know her name but he did have relatives on that side that lived in North Carolina, then move to Tennessee and Kentucky. We do say, only when ancestory comes up, that he has Cherokee ancestry but we never say "he's part Cherokee."

Post #1, earth's post, was just great!  :)

Great post, earthw7!

I found this website, because I did some research concerning some 'spiritual healer / shaman / whatever' guy who is already discussed in this forum as being in connection with some well known frauds / native indian imposters.

Tomorrow, this guy will have a seminar here in southern germany and make big bucks (190 €uros a person for some 'chrystal, drum, healing' seminars...

I wrote the guy who is organizing this event, telling him of this website and my research - and especially the introductory sentence: Native people do not charge money!

So, what did I learn (once again)? People WANT to believe - and if you 'attack' their fragile egos, they go all into defense mode and answer you like: "You know, Stranger, you don't even know Mr. Native Medicine Man, but to quote him: "So many words..."

Anyway: The original post is so good and important because this goes for most ancient (spiritual) traditions. It's all nice and well, but it's two different things being born and raised in a tradition or just being a wannabe 'Shaman' who wants to make some money...


--- Quote from: Defend the Sacred on February 09, 2012, 05:47:01 pm ---Thank you, LaDonna. This is good.  I'm thinking we should move this to non-frauds and pin it, so people new to the board can benefit from it.
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That would be a good idea.

The O.P. is one of the best posts in the forum. Therefore I am commenting so it comes up front.


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